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The Most Ingenious Mattress Idea Ever

When was the last time a story about a mattress made you smile – much less cry tears of joy? For two little girls in Vermont, their dad’s amazing bedroom idea did just that. As a Christmas surprise, he built not just the best bed ever, but a hammock for relaxing, drawers for storage, and a nook to nestle in. When you watch this video, you might wonder how in the world two young kids are going to get along while sharing such a small room. Witness the transformation as Adam, their web-developer father, puts two mattresses against the wall and frames them with the dreamiest, most original construction you’ve ever seen.

A Priceless Christmas Present

This story will restore your faith that the best gifts truly do come from the heart. Watch how this devoted dad turns his girls’ bedroom into a whimsical indoor treehouse on a budget. At a low cost, he was able to upgrade his daughters’ room beyond anything he could buy in a store. At the same time, he officially earned the crown of Coolest Dad Ever -- just ask the more than 13 MILLION people who have been inspired and delighted by his video!

Homemade Memories

After completing construction in fewer than 72 hours, Adam gets to conduct the big reveal. He brings his kids into their new room and tells them to open their eyes. It’s a safe bet that the reactions made it all worth it – and then some. “We should show this to the President,” one of the girls says. But it’s her sister’s exclamation – “Daddy, I really want to buy this house...for my kids” – that tugs at the heartstrings. Thank goodness this guy has some handyman skills – and that he filmed his project for people around the world to share.

Great Beds for Your Own Kids

Whether your children are sleeping in a treehouse or a run-of-the-mill “ordinary” bedroom, great sleep is vital to their happiness and healthy development. When it’s time to upgrade to a big-kid bed (which happens twice, not just once), check out A Goodnight Sleepstore. We’ll hook you up with a fantastic bed that’s decidedly lower maintenance than an indoor treehouse. Lucky residents of the Carolinas can visit one of our eight incredible locations, but we serve customers all over the continental United States with stellar customer service, sleep expertise, and the guaranteed best prices anywhere. Chat online with a sleep expert or call us today at 1-855-GO2SLEEP (462-7533).


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