You probably haven’t given your dog’s bed much thought. Your dog, after all, is a dog. If your canine companion shares your (or your kid’s) bed, he might not even have his own. Justifying the expense of one dog-dedicated sleeping surface is hard enough, so buying two might sound insane. If you’ve never considered it, though, having a second dog bed brings several unexpected perks.

My dog will sleep anywhere.

You may have noticed, probably in a moment when you were dying for a nap, that your dog isn’t picky about where he sleeps. Most of them can crash just about anywhere — and they do, all over the place, and all of the time. Comfort seems to come naturally (or not matter at all) to most companion animals. Notice that the title of this article is not “Why your dog needs a second bed.” This is about you and your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. The second dog bed is a gift to you, courtesy of yourself.

A Hierarchy of Dog Beds

Getting two dog beds will add to your convenience. When something happens to one, you can just replace it with the other. But have you considered a primary bed that stays put and a secondary one that moves about the world? A dog-bed hierarchy opens you up to an array of benefits you never thought possible.


Dogs are creatures of habit. They thrive on repetition. Instituting a dog-bed hierarchy will give your dog the comfort of consistency both home and away. The primary bed is the old standard; the one that stays put and is reliably there at the end of every day. His travel bed is the one that follows him everywhere he goes, that smells like him and gives him the comforts of home when on the road. With no disruption of his sleeping space, your dog will sleep soundly and so will you.

Accident Consequence Prevention

It’s tempting to just send the primary bed with the dog when he spends time away from home. But things happen to belongings when you take them out of the house. They become prone to accidents, spills, being left someplace, and all manner of foreign substances. Having two dog beds will do absolutely nothing to prevent that from happening. What it will do is ensure that all unfortunate incidents happen to the secondary bed, so the primary bed and your sleep pattern remain unaffected.

Embarrassment Prevention

Keeping your dog’s #1 slumber cushion in your bedroom (or his preferred place of respite) gives you the opportunity to spoil your dog. Sure, you might want to lavish your best friend with gifts like beautiful bedding, but what happens when human friends come over? You’ll feel self-conscious. What does your dog’s bed say about you? Is it too much? Not enough? With a secluded primary mattress that stays put, you can circumvent judgment while giving your wonder dog the cushiony comfort he deserves.

Choices, Choices

Once you accept that you need two dog beds, you can choose them strategically. The secondary bed will travel, so it should be lighter and smaller than the at-home bed. You’ll benefit from features like moisture resistance, a removable cover that you can wash, and portability. The primary bed is going to stay in one place and last a lot longer, so you can give your furry friend the best of the best. To really spoil him or her, you can set your dog up with a Sealy mattress just like your own. Giving your pet such luxury is an indulgence, we know, but the benefit is ultimately your own. A happy pup makes a happy home.

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