As a health-conscious human being, you want to prevent as many toxins as possible from entering your home and affecting your family. With so many invisible intrusions coming from all directions (“laundry smell” is actually off-gassing?!), it can seem impossible to control what comes into your home. As the product-buying, decision-making head of your household, though, you do have power. These easy alternatives will help you vote with your dollar and achieve peace of mind in an especially important part of your home – the bedroom.

Detox Your Mattress

Sleep is the one chance your body and your brain get each day to detox. The brain flushes away residue at night so you can wake up renewed and more effective. The amount of time we spend in bed makes our sleeping environment especially important to our health and well-being. No one wants to be absorbing toxic chemicals while they sleep!

Better for your Body

These are the reasons why so many people are replacing their conventional mattresses with non-off-gassing, natural organic mattresses. The organic mattress isn’t just a fancy trend; it’s a movement created by people making conscious decisions to preserve their health and the planet. Consumers have demanded that mattress makers give them the opportunity to reduce exposure to dangerous and under-studied substances. The benefit doesn’t end there, though. Organic latex mattresses aren’t just sustainably grown and free of chemicals; they’re also naturally resistant to moisture, mold, and dust mites!

If you’ve never understood why anyone would buy an organic mattress, this is what it’s all about. These beds offer the same range of comfort and support. The organic difference is found in their preventative benefit over time.

Switch to Green Cleaning

It only makes sense to eliminate chemicals in parts of your home where they shouldn’t be in the first place – like your bed. But what about those chemicals that we bring into our homes on purpose — the ones that seem to play a vital role in the home? Every day we spread and spray toxic substances all over our houses with the goal of making them cleaner. Over the last few decades, brands have successfully sold the idea that only harsh chemicals can keep us safe from germs.

Well, there’s more than one approach to clean living.

Even if you’ve replaced your ammonia and bleach with natural cleaning products, household cleaners are still incredibly wasteful. The most genuine way to be green when you clean is to make your own non-toxic household cleaning products. It’s cheap, easy, and much safer for your family. The Earth has provided an essential oil to do every job a chemical can do, so you can get the same antibacterial and stain-eliminating properties without compromising your health. In fact, next time your mattress (organic or conventional) gets messy, use this mattress cleaner made from baking soda and essential oils!

Clear the Air Naturally

Killing germs is one reason we spread harsh chemicals around our homes. Killing odors is another. A nasty smell can disrupt your day, offend visitors, and create a real distraction. But when we use chemical fragrances to “clean” the air, the stuff we’re exposed to can disrupt our bodies’ natural systems. Phthalates, present in most air fresheners, mess with our hormones. VOCs diminish indoor air quality. Bad smells might be offensive, but covering them up with other scents creates an even bigger problem.

Don’t just suck it up!

We’re not suggesting you ignore every bad smell – just that you do something better about it. Certain plants can snatch smells right out of the air. Himalayan salt lamps purify the air by absorbing unwanted contaminants. An essential oil diffuser will add a variety of harmless natural fragrances to the air while also delivering additional potential health benefits. Just be sure to choose organic oils that are free of chemicals and sustainably sourced.

Change for Good

Regulating everything that comes into your home can be an uphill battle at best. By changing your mattress, cleaning without chemicals, and improving indoor air quality, small steps will turn into lasting changes. The benefits will compound over time! Getting rid of stuff you already have will take you a long way. But when you need help choosing an organic mattress, A Goodnight Sleepstore is here for you. With incredible customer service, a low-price guarantee, and a great return policy, we’re your one-stop shop for a good night’s sleep.

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