Have you ever stayed in a friend’s guest room and never wanted to leave? Here’s how you can create that incredible sleeping experience for yourself. Do the same in your guest room, and your own guests will be asking if they can move in.

Sheets – You know how some sheets make you want to take your socks off? Great sheets can make a big difference. Discount stores, Overstock.com, and holiday door-buster sales offer high-thread-count sheets at low discount prices.

Mattress – If you’re choosing your own mattress, be selfish. For your guest room, try to find support and comfort that’s not too far toward one end of the hard/soft spectrum.

Mattress Topper – If you have a pillow-top mattress, you’re covered. But you can take the comfort of a traditional mattress to the next level with a mattress topper.

Pillows – This is where you can add variety. Plop a bunch of pillows (in nice pillowcases) on your bed to add a touch of personalization. Give guests a chance to mix and match feather, foam, memory foam, and down-alternative pillows.

Alarm Clock – People relax better when they know the time. Make sure an alarm clock is visible, not too bright, and gently effective at awaking you or your guests.

Fragrance – A spray of sheet & clothing spray, a plug-in scent, or a lightly fragranced candle can add a lot to the ambiance of a room. Try to pick a neutral, clean scent that’s not too strong.

Blinds or Drapes – There’s almost nothing worse than trying to nap and failing. Light-blocking blinds or drapes ensure that the sun won’t steal your sleep.

Earplugs/White Noise – It’s hard to notice, but you’re used to the sounds of your house settling, your street, and your children or pets. Bump up the comfort by providing disposable earplugs or a white-noise machine in your guest room.

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