Stone(Age) Sleep

In the Stone Age, beds were made of — you guessed it — stone. During the Neolithic Period, or New Stone Age, beds consisted of stone frames filled with large ferns and covered in animal pelts. Now that’s being resourceful!

My Bed Is Driving Me Matty!

The evolution of mattresses might have started out even more slowly than the evolution of humans. (Maybe we’re making up for lost time and that’s why we have so many amazing present-day mattresses to choose from!)

Mattresses made of mats finally emerged after generations of “The Princess and the Pebble”. In Ancient Egypt, peasants slept on reed mats covered in coarse linen. The wealthy had it a bit better, but not by much compared to Today’s standards. Well-off ancient Egyptians slept on a woven mat atop a wooden frame, and laid their heads on carved wooden headrests wrapped in layers of cloth.

Hitting the Sack

The tick mattress was commonly used during the 15th Century. This was usually a coarse sack stuffed with pea shucks, straw, and sometimes feathers. The medieval mattress was then covered with velvets and silk.

Finally — Some Forward Progress

In the early 18th century, mattresses got softer and more supportive when people began to stuff them with wool or cotton. Now remember that softness is relative. Those of you who enjoy a little support would cringe at the sleeping options until the end of the 19th century, when the box spring was invented.

Springing into the Future

The first developments of modern mattresses took place in the 20th century. Of course, the still-common innerspring mattress was made popular in the 1930s. Then, the futon was introduced in the 1940s, furnishing first apartments and guest rooms around North America. Twenty years later, in the 1960s, the waterbed was introduced. And now we have a vast amount of choices when in comes to bedtime comfort. Let us extend thanks to all who have slept (probably poorly) before us.

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