Have you noticed the recent explosion in posh, designer pet beds? “Discerning dogs” can relax in style in beds made from fur, beds that look like animals, and beds that look nicer than yours – or the rest of your furniture, designer or otherwise. Well, we have a few things to say about that.

Announcement 1: This is really a thing.

Consumers (and reality TV) have spoken, and a certain segment of the dog-owning population is over the idea of having an ugly pet bed messing up their Feng Shui. Maybe people have more empathy than they used to, and maybe they’re trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Whatever the motivation, flimsy, ugly dog beds are making way for well-designed, well-constructed dog beds that are more like human beds than anyone could have ever imagined they’d become.

Announcement 2: We’ve joined the pack.

We want to give our customers great mattress options for the ENTIRE family, but we don’t sell ridiculous products at A Goodnight Sleepstore. It’s just not in our nature. Still, some of our favorite shoppers have been telling us we’re behind the times with our failure to consider the goodnight sleep of their furry friends. Because you’ve asked, and because our trusted partner Sealy saw fit to roll out a line of lovely, non-extreme-looking dog beds, you can now buy your dog bed in the same transaction as your people bed.

Announcement 3: Sealy dog beds are awesome.

Haven’t you ever wanted to spoon with your dog? They just pull off that comfy-cozy-bliss look in a way that makes napping look irresistible. If you agree, we’re talking to you. Sealy dog beds make it legitimately reasonable to lie down on a dog bed. The benefit for your best friend is that Cooling Energy Gel keeps furry ones comfortable. Foam components conform to your dog’s body to increase circulation. These canine-conscious beds even include a charcoal layer that traps and eliminates odors. The bottom surface is covered in non-slip material, the inner liner is waterproof, and the zip-off cover can easily be washed. Antibacterial protection is a given, and you can even opt for a fresh green-tea fragrance! Granted, a bling-covered or Orvis monogrammed bed will impress certain of your friends, but you’re going to drop an arm and a leg (or the cohesion of your home aesthetic) if you buy one of those things.

This is about to be the best dog-shopping experience of your life.

Well, it might not compare with the trip to actually go to the breeder or rescue to pick out your dog, but it will beat all the times you’ve ever had to shop for dog accessories. Come to A Goodnight Sleepstore, lounge around in peace for as long as you like, with no one nipping at your heels and no screaming children. Then when you’re ready, choose the Sealy Max Dog Bed or the Bella mattress model and be on your way. Your dog will likely be exactly as happy as he’s ever been, but you’ll feel better (every night!) about kicking him out of your bed.

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