Can I remove this tag?

It depends. Are you at a mattress store? If so, don’t do it. Do you want the option of returning the mattress? Don’t do it. Have you had it for years and are finally fed up with that thing poking you in the night? Absolutely.

Mattress tags – technically called “law labels” — serve a very important purpose. Imagine a world in which new mattresses are really just reupholstered stuffing. That was a thing! At the beginning of the last century, recycling your mattress was an often-involuntary act that involved a mattress maker collecting old mattresses, pulling out the insides, and stuffing them into a new mattress. Trust us when we say that you want those labels and their laws all over your new bedding. Now that more consumers are interested in making sure the materials they bring into their homes are organic, that little tag is becoming even more important. They’re made to protect you. Once you get your mattress home, you can do with them what you want.

Why are these buttons here?

The buttons are not like the tags! Yes, as the consumer, you have the right to remove the buttons from any mattress you own. It would be, however, equivalent to taking off the cover or taking out the seam. Those buttons are structurally important, and removing them will significantly diminish the comfort and durability of your mattress. If you can’t handle buttons, say that up front at the store, and buy a mattress that doesn’t have them. If you’re stuck with a buttoned-up mattress that bothers you, try putting a memory foam or pillow topper between you and the buttons.

What if I get it home and don’t like it?

The most important part of this question is when you ask it. This should be your first question when you visit or even consider visiting a mattress store. Since you won’t have the chance to sleep a whole night (or a week) on your new bed before you commit, you’ll need to make sure the store is committed to getting you the right mattress. Make sure the return policy is good for a reasonable amount of time, and that it won’t include hefty hidden fees if you do decide to make a return.

Why do mattresses sink in the middle?

If your mattress has a valley in the middle of it, discuss that with your sleep expert before you buy a new bed. Several things can cause a mattress to sag, so your goal should be to avoid wearing out specific parts of the bed in the future. First off, if your mattress is 15 or 20 years old, you might have to be thankful you got this much life out of it. If not, a few things are vital.

Proper Setup – This one starts at the store. Don’t treat the base of your bed like an afterthought. Not all box-springs are created equal. Talk to a sleep expert about the right foundation once you’ve chosen your mattress. Take great care at home while setting up your frame, box spring, and mattress to avoid excessive early wear.

Rotate & Flip – If you have a two-sided mattress, flip and rotate it seasonally. Just one side? Rotate it without flipping. And don’t forget to rotate your foundation every once in a while. That needs to wear evenly too. Before you take a new mattress home, talk to an expert at the store or online about the best ways to prevent sagging, write them down, and make sure to actually do them.

Protect – Treat your bed like the investment that it is! Keep any and all avoidable moisture away from your bed. Use a mattress protector. Don’t let anyone jump on your bed!

Keep the Tag – Getting rid of your tag might void your warranty, so make sure you hold onto it if you’re still getting to know your new mattress.

Why are organic mattresses a thing?

That’s a chicken-or-the-egg question. Throughout history and the world, beds have no doubt been organic. It became a modern concern because the chemicals used to make mattresses fire resistant were found to be harmful. The whole industry is working toward eliminating harmful substances and building healthy textiles into their beds. But consumers have demanded higher standards and organic certification, so the modern organic mattress was born.

Why do mattresses have patterns printed on them?

This is a really, really good question. Our best guess is that companies wanted to differentiate their brands on the sales floor. Or maybe someone wants mattresses to look like celebrities. Please tell us in the comments if you have any other ideas.

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