Do you wish there were moments in the day for enjoying the company of your dog or cat? A company in Brazil has created a never-before-seen way for pet owners to share their sleep spaces with furry family members. Inspired by a custom order, Colchão Inteligente Postural now makes unique “bunk beds” with removable pet beds. The secret is a custom-fit cut-out that holds a cushioned fiberboard box. The sleeping pad can be removed from this “buddy bunk” for machine washing and sanitizing. The result? You and your pet get your own space while staying as close as close can be.

The Best of Both Worlds?

Research at the Mayo Clinic has demonstrated that some people actually sleep better when snuggling with their pets. This new integrated model could be the ideal way to make it happen. This way, pet parents can sleep in close proximity to their fur babies without being awakened during doggy dreams. If you (or your spouse) can’t stand up-close canine cuddling, a little separation could be the perfect compromise. Enclosed below, above, and on three sides, the cozy confines of a concealed cave offer the bonus benefit of reducing pets’ anxiety by minimizing the territory they feel responsible for protecting. Every parent of a child who refuses to go to bed without their pet has cause to rejoice!

The Case for Separate Beds

The appeal is undeniable, but A Goodnight Sleepstore probably won’t be offering human-pet hybrid beds anytime soon. Now that Colchão Inteligente Postural is making their beds available to customers in the United States, stateside demand is sure to be met. We’ve talked about pet beds a lot on our blog because we think that every member of the family should have their own great place to sleep. It’s just hard to believe that the benefit of close-but-separate sleeping will make up for the support and comfort sacrificed to achieve it. We recommend a more conservative option, which is to give your furry friends their own beds.

The Sealy Solution

Sealy makes an incredible line of dog mattresses that meets the needs of pups in the same way its human mattresses do for pet owners. These beds have the added bonus of keeping dirt and dander completely separate from human sleep spaces. They’re designed for pet-related realities like accidents, dirty paws, and compulsive chewing. If you visit one of our Carolina discount mattress stores or chat with one of our sleep experts online, we can help you choose the perfect bed for your pet’s sleep and support needs. While we’re at it, we can find your best night’s sleep, too!

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