Organic Pillows

Around here, we care about pillows. You already know that. They’re kind of a big deal. But if you could have an organic pillow, why wouldn’t you? Seriously, it’s where you put your head, your face; it’s where you breathe! You’d be amazed at how many different types of non-standard materials can give you a chemical-free and more comfortable night sleep. You can buy them from specialty retailers or even make your own!

Organic Sheets

The land of organic sheets is a luxurious one. You can get beautiful, good-for-you sheets from brands like Gaiam and LL Bean these days. When you’re shopping, be sure to look for sustainably produced, GOTS-certified products from companies using fair labor practices.

Organic Comforters

To duvet or not to duvet? Wherever you stand on the issue, you can be green about it. Since down can attract allergy-aggravating debris, check out cool-weather comforters made from alpaca or sheep’s wool.

Get organic in your neighborhood.

Up until recently, when people got really excited about organic bedding, it was hard to find of these natural products in local stores. Shopping online for a reputable source of organic products was iffy at best. Now that the idea has really taken off, you can find toxin-free, GOTS certified, and fair-labor products in places where you already shop!

  • West Elm – You’ll have to check labels, but West Elm does carry GOTS certified blankets and sheets.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – Look for the Portico brand, which is certified organic and free of inks, dyes, and other contaminants.
  • QVC – Shop sustainably from the comfort of your own home! QVC occasionally offers high-quality certified organic sheets and other products,

Get Your Foundation Right

Of course, your mattress makes up the largest part of your bed. If you’re checking out organic bedding and haven’t made the leap to an all-natural mattress yet, you should check out our Organic offerings. You can test-drive them in any of our stores or order one anywhere in the country with our Lowest-Price Guarantee and our Worry-Free Return Policy.

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