Turn off the tube.

Not watching television before bed is a fairly well known recommendation that few seem to follow. Watching T.V. stimulates the mind and can make it difficult to wind down for sleep. Light exposure before sleep can disrupt body rhythms and suppress the release of melatonin, which is associated with sleep onset. Try giving yourself an “electronic curfew:” no engaging with television, phones, or computers in the hour leading up to bedtime.

Put down the dumbbells.

Now, let’s be clear: exercise improves your health, and even your sleep. Regular exercise can help you sleep deeper, longer, and give you more energy during your waking hours. Though, exercising within three hours before going to sleep can make it more difficult to get some shuteye. Exercising stimulates your heart brain and muscles; and before bed you should relax all of the above. The best time to exercise is when you have time, but many find it easier to make working out a habit in the morning.

Simmer down now.

Scary movies, enthralling mystery novels, and even heated conversation are activities to avoid before bed. The goal is to relax and these activities increase blood pressure and heighten the senses. Scary movies and heated conversations or fights can be traumatic experiences, and our bodies do not allow us to fall asleep in these high-pressure situations as a defense mechanism. So, take a load off and practice and enjoy light-hearted entertainment and conversation.

Avoiding these three key activities before bed can help you have a better rest. An activity that you definitely should perform before tucking in is speaking with A Goodnight Sleepstore sleep specialist who can help you find the right bed for catching all those Z’s.

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