It’s not uncommon for people to forget about replacing their mattresses until it’s time to change their whole bed. That’s unfortunate because it leads to lots of nights spent on lumpy, bumpy beds that cause back pain. Unlike mattresses that have to be replaced, high-quality bed frames are made to last for generations, and many have price tags to match. The upshot is that, if your beautiful bed has you tossing and turning, it’s easy to change the mattress but keep the frame.

The Perfect Combination

An antique bed frame can give you the centerpiece for your master bedroom, plus the organic or other specialty mattress your body needs. So if you’re set with your base but need to add spinal support, chat with one of our sleep specialists or browse our incredible array of mattresses. But if you’re in the market for a whole new setup, get ready for the fun part. There’s a whole world of functionality and style possibilities for you to explore. Once you’ve nailed down the perfect base for your bed, we’ll be happy to hook you up with the mattress that fits just right.

Box Springs

A box spring isn’t technically meant to be used on its own for the base of a bed, but that hasn’t stopped people from using them that way. The box spring works together with your much-softer mattress to provide comfort and support. Its contribution is threefold: it increases the height of your bed, making it easier to get in and out; it protects the mattress from shock and wear; it creates a firm, flat, uniform structure for your mattress. If you’re going to forego the bed frame, it’s a good idea to mount your box spring on casters.

Adjustable Beds

If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed, it might be time to move the heirloom four-poster into the guest room. Unlike a box spring, an adjustable bed is usually an all-in-one solution. Most of them are minimal in design, though some more ornate and stylish models can be found. Choosing an adjustable bed often presents shoppers with a decision between form and function.

Loft Beds

Doesn’t every kid wish for a loft bed at some point or another? These space-efficient sleep spaces are ideal for everything from dorm rooms to tiny houses. Since loft beds are often designed for children, it’s ultra important to make sure you’re getting a frame big enough for whoever will be sleeping on it. Remember – full-size mattresses, not singles, are the proper size to support a single adult.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are an example of form overtaking function. Centuries ago, these beds provided privacy for nobles who shared space with their servants. Today, they’re simply among the most beautiful types of bed frames. While modern canopy bed designs tend to be rather minimal, traditional beds can be quite complex, featuring intricate carvings and elaborate fabric. These are the types of beds that get handed down through generations.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds aren’t necessarily synonymous with great sleep. There is, however, hope for those (even adults) who need to hide away their extra bed when it’s not in use. We recommend skipping the thin mattress on a pop-up frame and opting for a trundle bed setup that supports a real mattress. After all, anyone sleeping on a trundle bed in your home is likely to be someone important to your family. And sleepless nights do not make happy out-of-town visitors.

Storage Beds

There’s another option that performs the function of a box spring but multitasks by giving you more space to store your stuff. Relatively few people seem to use storage beds to maximize their bedrooms. For those who hate clutter or need to make the best of a small space, a storage bed can be the epitome of form and function! You can even find designs that include both storage and a trundle bed!


The Basis for Great Sleep

During the day, your beautiful, perfect-for-you bed frame can inspire a lot of happiness. It will only do the same every night if you put a carefully chosen, high-quality mattress on top of it. When it’s time to replace an old mattress or to find the perfect match for your base, be sure to talk with our sleep experts. They’ll help you get the absolute best sleep from your absolutely ideal bedroom furniture – at the best price available anywhere – Guaranteed.

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