Think you should be able to enjoy a quality night of sleep without having to think about whether it might have a negative impact on your health? Of course; we all do! Plenty of mattress shoppers would say that’s what motivated them to consider organic mattresses. Organic mattresses — especially those made from renewable resources like natural latex — are fast becoming a popular choice for people who want to enjoy a healthy, comfortable, and environmentally friendly night of uninterrupted sleep. With an organic bed, you can rest peacefully knowing that, while you’re enjoying your sleep, you will not be exposed to chemicals that have caused health concerns. If you think the idea of an organic mattress sounds nice but aren’t sure you want to take the leap, here are some reasons organic mattress buyers believe the extra effort and cost is worth it.

Organic mattresses are free of common chemicals.

Some of the most prominent buzz throughout the evolution of organic mattresses has been around the absence of chemical flame retardants. For years, traditional mattresses have included these additives, which haven’t been tested extensively enough for some health-conscious consumers. The beauty of many organic models is that they incorporate materials which are naturally resistant not just to fire, but also to water, mold, fungus, and pests! A genuinely organic model will also be made of organically grown materials that are free of pesticides and GMOs.

Organic beds are easier on the planet.

Sustainability has gained momentum throughout the international economy, so it’s only natural that concerns over sourcing and manufacturing practices should extend to the mattress industry. Eco-friendliness is one of the features that is making organic mattresses increasingly popular. When one of our most significant pieces of furniture is consciously produced from natural, sustainable, and biodegradable materials by ethical companies, everyone wins. For people willing to make purchasing decisions with our planet in mind, investing in an eco-friendly mattress is an entirely reasonable move.

Organic mattresses are customizable.

In today’s modern market, with all its technologies and inventions, it’s normal to expect a mattress that can be tailored to your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you’re interested in an organic option, there’s no reason to compromise your comfort. With organic mattresses, you can easily tailor your bed to suit your wants and needs. It may take a bit of shopping around, but you should be able to find just as many comfort, support, and construction options in organic mattresses as you do in conventional. The fact that many models and materials are hypoallergenic meets a significant need in itself.

An Investment in Quality

It can be hard to justify spending extra money when two products look and feel pretty similar. Our American culture, in particular, does a poor job of placing value on prevention. To be at peace with investing in an organic mattress that will likely be more expensive than competing models, you’ll have to wrap your head around the intangible value of the purchase. It’s about reducing exposure to chemicals that haven’t been intensively studied. It’s about supporting ethical companies and sustainable practices. But it’s also about getting high-quality materials and a bed that’s likely to have an extra-long life. If your family decides those things are worth paying for, then an organic mattress will have you resting easier than any other option.

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