Though many customers come to A Goodnight Sleepstore in search of back-pain relief, there is no one-size-fits-all bed for pain relief. If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, your mattress should certainly be evaluated as a potential cause.

Waking up with stiffness, numbness, or aches and pains is a good indicator that your mattress may be causing you problems. If you can see your mattress sagging or if it just isn’t comfortable anymore, visit A Goodnight Sleepstore. We’ll answer your questions, tell you the options, and help you get on the path to restful nights and painless days.

Take a look inside.

The materials and construction of a mattress go a long way toward determining how comfortable it is for you. Choose the number and placement of coils, types of padding, and depth carefully. You can even ask to see a diagram or cross-section of a mattress to see how it’s made, and sometimes you can even feel each of the layers.

Think about softness and support.

If you ask people what type of mattress they prefer, they’re likely to say “soft”. But the softness of a bed isn’t the only thing that determines how comfortable it makes you feel day to day. A medium-firm mattress allows the shoulders and hips to sink in while still supporting the spine. If you find yourself lying as though you have bad posture, the mattress you’re lying on is unlikely to reinforce good posture.

Consider alternatives.

The variety of makes and models on the market today really means there’s a perfect bed out there for everyone. If you need support but hate coils, try out some memory foam or gel options. If you can’t decide between firm support and soft comfort, a firm mattress with a pillow top might be perfect for you. You’re going to spend a lot of time on your new mattress – so don’t rush through finding the right one.

Trust Yourself.

As you shop for a new mattress, the best thing you can do is to trust yourself. Don’t get frustrated by all the model names. Just pay attention to the way your body feels as you test each different mattress. When you’re in the mattress store, don’t be shy — take off your shoes, relax into several different positions, and take your time.

Consider everyone involved.

While you’re evaluating new mattresses, make sure to consider the width of your bed as well as all the other factors. If you share your bed with a partner, it’s important to go shopping together. Make sure that you both really have enough room throughout the night. After all, double beds don’t really live up to their “full” reputation.

There’s no single cause for back pain, and a better mattress isn’t the answer for everyone. But a properly supportive mattress will help support spine health and avoid the types of new aches and pains that come with old bedding. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, our sleep specialists can discuss your pain and help you evaluate whether your aging bed has been giving you grief – and how to stop it. Thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee and our Sleep Guarantee, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else!

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