You know the name.

Serta has been a leader in the American mattress market since hitting the scene nearly a century ago in 1931. It also happens to be the largest mattress brand in the country, and only authorized dealers can offer Serta’s products. Today we’re excited to introduce iComfort – Serta’s most advanced sleep system ever – available now at the guaranteed lowest prices at A Goodnight Sleepstore.

What makes iComfort so advanced?

It’s the best of both worlds! The hybrid sleep system found in Serta’s iComfort models combines gel memory foam with individually wrapped inner springs. We’ve never believed in compromising comfort for support or vice versa, but iComfort hybrid mattresses guarantee that you enjoy the benefits of both. It was only a matter of time before an ingenious mattress maker combined these sleep systems, so Serta built in plenty of features that set it apart from the competition.

iComfort Mattress Features

Memory Foam Reinvented

You’ll find EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam in every new iComfort mattress. This revolutionary material maximizes the comfort delivered by memory foam in three important ways.

  1. Tiny cushioning chambers eliminate pressure points by responding to the shape of your body.
  2. Gel beads work together to provide consistent support and maintain healthy body alignment.
  3. Gel memory foam allows heat to dissipate, maintaining ideal temperatures while you sleep.

Never-Before-Seen Hybrids

Serta’s iComfort mattress line is the first ever to integrate the unique feel of memory foam with a sophisticated steel spring system. By blending slow-recovery coils with soothing gel foam layers, Serta has created a system that delivers conforming support without the bounce or recoil of traditional innerspring coils. You might call the result an “intelligent response.”

Adjustable – Inside & Out

The new EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam responds to pressure and heat from your body, but that’s not the only way iComfort adjusts to your unique individual sleep needs. iComfort mattresses are also compatible with all Serta Adjustable Foundations. These mattresses make it easy to fully customize your bedroom experience. Read, watch TV, relax, or stop snoring – all at the perfect angle – and iComfort will keep you completely comfortable.

Custom Configurations

Want the cushy, body-conforming comfort of memory foam unhindered by the pushback of coils? Serta’s all-foam iComfort mattress delivers the latest advancements in memory foam technology. But if you’re looking for a little more support, you’ll find it in an iComfort Hybrid. There are so many options that you’ll feel like your bed was custom designed just for you!

The Best Place to find an Amazing Mattress

The Serta iComfort mattress is not your average mattress. It’s the culmination of decades of mattress technology evolution, leveraged and executed by one of the highest quality mattress makers on the planet. To get all that, plus stellar service and expert insight, do your mattress shopping at A Goodnight Sleepstore. Our sleep experts are always on hand to answer your questions and make sure you’re considering all the factors that will impact your sleep quality. Our no-nonsense return policy, free local delivery, and lowest-price mattress guarantee combine to give you the best mattress-buying experience in the nation!

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