We want you to love your new mattress. That’s our mission. We will do everything we can to find not just a mattress you can live with, but also a mattress that will make your life better. But even if that happens, we still want one other thing. We want you to love mattress shopping.

Out of your Hands

Think about it. Mattress shopping is an adventure that we only get to take a few times in life. Our first mattresses are chosen without us, and most of us get more say about our high-school bed frames than our mattresses. Your third mattress is likely to be a gift, a hand-me-down, or something that belongs to your college. By the time you’re in the market for your own mattress, you might be in physical pain!

Make the Most of It

We don’t actually love mattresses. We love sleep. Getting great sleep has incredible benefits, and your bed plays an active role. It’s not the only factor, but your mattress can determine whether you toss and turn, whether you get too hot or cold, and whether or not you sleep through the night. This is an investment in something that you’re going to use every day for a decade. We want you to love every part of getting better sleep, and that includes shopping. To help you out, we suggest you start by bringing the love into our mattress store with you.

The Pillow You Love

What makes all the difference when you sleep away from home? Your pillow. We have tons of great pillows, but if you use one of ours to test beds, it’ll be new to you. For some reason, even people who take their pillows everywhere forget to bring them mattress shopping. When you use your own pillow, you neutralize the impact of your head on your comfort so you can focus on the mattress itself.

The Person You Love

We know your co-sleeper doesn’t want to come with you. It doesn’t matter. Your co-sleeper needs to come with you. No matter how comfortable you think the bed is, if they can’t sleep, you won’t either. Your life will be less good. So make it a date or make it a compromise. Either way, this person’s opinion is key to loving your new mattress.

Self Love

There’s something even more important than pillows and people. It’s you! You can’t get around the need for a good mattress, and you deserve to get great sleep. Mattress shopping is one of those “extra” errands that can be really hard to make time for. It’s also totally worth it. When you carefully consider your comfort and take the time to find the right mattress, your mind, body, and family will thank you for a long time.

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