There’s a ton of buzz these days about gimmicky online mattress stores that deliver your mattress in a box on a bike. Consumer Reports recently published its most recent Mattress Buying Guide, and news outlets are clearly trying to angle into the coverage by focusing on these few buzz-worthy businesses. We’ve written before about notably disruptive retailers like Casper. But the latest coverage wields the trusted name of Consumer Reports in an attempt to puff up the role of these meager-selection shops in the online mattress market. You might get the impression that only two stores are selling mattresses online these days. That would be untrue.

Peculiar Price Positioning

If you read this article, an online-only, buy-it-before-you-try-it, one-size-fits-all mattress sounds like a no-brainer. It sings the praises of Tuft & Needle and Casper, remarking about innerspring mattresses only as an (apparently expensive) afterthought. Sure, the article acknowledges the option of considering traditional innerspring mattresses, but the two they bother to mention are well over $1000. That looks terrible compared with online-only options that cost well under $1000. Though all the prices listed are valid, this particular set of examples is not a fair representation of the objective realities of mattress shopping.

Have you looked at any Innerspring Mattresses lately?

This comparison is kind of goofy, since a direct quote from Consumer Reports recommends that you “consider an innerspring first.” The consumer advocate follows up by saying, “a conventional innerspring mattress is the most common choice and often the least expensive.” That’s more in line with how pricing works at A Goodnight Sleepstore’s North and South Carolina discount mattress outlets.

Online Mattress Buying is not a new game.

They might make effective gimmicks – one choice, one option, one-stop shopping, and a bicycle – but the innovation ends with these quirky concepts. A Goodnight Sleepstore has been giving mattress shoppers around the country access to the highest-quality, lowest-cost mattresses for a decade – along with free shipping and a “return it if your sleep isn’t awesome” guarantee. In fact, we were the first major discount mattress retailer to launch a secure, easy-to-shop ecommerce mattress site – ever! Our website has even won awards.

Offering just one option is negative progress.

On top of offering a quick, convenient, and safe online shopping experience, we actually offer multiple meaningful options. If you just want to look at one picture of a foam mattress and place your order, that can be arranged. But we don’t only sell mattresses to people who enjoy the convenience of being able to sleep on just about anything. We’re an online mattress store with something for everyone, not a store pretending that the same mattress will work for everyone.

We do the hard work of delivering the RIGHT mattress.

Offering one mattress, even out of a storage unit, is easy. What’s harder is hooking up unique individuals with the mattress models and features that will meet their unique needs. Our sleep experts take the time to find out what you need and match that understanding to their extensive knowledge of our partners’ products. We’ve curated a collection of options based on service, support, innovation, and comfort. The mattresses you’ll find at A Goodnight Sleepstore offer ALL the benefits of those gimmicky new online stores, except maybe for the bike. If you require a bike courier, you might want to just call us ahead of time before placing your order.

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