Pillows are personal, and I’m about to get personal about pillows. For the last year or so, I’ve been plagued by chronic headaches. The pain extends down my neck into my shoulders and into my lower back. I’m losing sleep and feeling tired all the time. My doctor tells me they’re tension headaches but hasn’t prescribed a solution. I’ve incorporated stretching, meditation, essential oils, and mindfulness in pursuit of relief. I’ve tried every pain reliever on the market with minimal results – getting zero impact or a few hours of dulled-down pain. Then I got a new pillow, and it changed my world.

I had no idea that a pillow could be so important.

If I hadn’t felt the change myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it. How could pervasive pain be so simple to solve – yet so hard to pin down? It seemed a shot in the dark when a friend suggested shopping for pillows. After months of doctor’s visits and expensive massages, spending $100 on a pillow didn’t seem like such a big deal. So I finally gave in. It turned out to be a small bet that paid off big time – and quickly. After an hour-long nap, I thought I might be on to something. After one night, the difference was undeniable. Three days later I found myself acting like an ambassador of overnight head-and-neck support.

Pillow shopping can be tough.

Most of us grow up taking pillows for granted, so pillow shopping doesn’t come naturally. No one talks about them, and most everyone’s insight is limited to a vague preference for flat or fluffy, feather or foam. The options, however, are more sophisticated. First off, identifying your favorite sleep position is vital to finding the right accessories. The loft of your pillow will be determined by whether you sleep flat on your back, on your side, facedown, or in a variety of positions throughout the night. The ingredients of your pillow impact your wellbeing as well. Allergens can accumulate in pillows, causing inflammation and respiratory issues. If your breathing hasn’t been the best, consider a high-quality hypoallergenic or organic pillow. You don’t have to buy a famous name brand. Instead, base your decision on personal experience. Your pillow search is an excuse to get comfortable – to a certain degree – lying down in public.

Shop strategically to get the best value.

Like mattresses, pillows have a variable scale of support. Firmness and softness are relative terms that can mean different things depending on where you shop. For this reason, buying pillows online is especially difficult. An online bedding retailer like A Goodnight Sleepstore will get you a great value, so a hybrid online-and-offline shopping approach might be the best bet. If you live locally in the Carolinas, by all means come in and spend some time with our sleep specialists who can find you the perfect mattress for your best night’s sleep. But if you’re elsewhere in the US, visit some stores, find the characteristics you need in a pillow, and then take advantage of our lowest-price guarantee.

Don’t wait for desperation.

I spent far too long struggling through unnecessary headaches. I just didn’t know the pain had a simple solution. If you’ve been hurting day and night, talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist about how your pillow could be affecting your comfort. Once your pillow has lost its bounce and buoyancy, there’s no going back. Do yourself a favor and reinforce your spine support. You won’t regret it.

I certainly don’t.

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