Have you done online research on sleep? Have you noticed how many over-the-counter and prescription drugs claim to help people get more sleep? How many of your friends have trouble sleeping? And how many magazines in the checking aisle mention sleep on their covers?

So Many Questions About Sleep

Sleep is like food. Despite billions of dollars devoted to high-level research, and despite everyone needing it just to survive, we know amazingly little about sleep. We’re constantly trying – and failing – to improve our sleep. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, you’re definitely not alone. Just about everyone could benefit from better sleep.

A New Idea About Better Sleep

We’ve been watching closely as organic mattresses have gained popularity and become more widely available. We’re delighted to offer them to our customers in the Carolinas and around the country. And we’re intrigued by the idea that they will provide all the answers that some people will ever need. Today, individuals with specific physical and medical conditions can be prescribed an organic mattress. This is intriguing because the medical community has begun to acknowledge that some people not only benefit from a nontoxic mattress, but also need one to maintain their health.

Two Organic-Mattress Related Considerations

For people whose health problems can’t be directly traced to their mattresses, there’s still plenty of reason to go organic. We can think of two primary reasons anyone might want to consider an organic mattress. Conventional mattresses do contain unknown chemicals, and our bodies can have adverse reactions to them. The first concern can largely be blamed on fire-resistance regulations so stringent that American mattresses must withstand the heat of a blowtorch for over an hour. This requires producers to put a lot of chemicals in mattresses that are definitely not there to help you sleep. In addition, we’ve all learned in the past few decades that we need to monitor the chemicals we expose our bodies to. During sleep, the body is in repair mode, not defense mode. Sleeping on an organic mattress ensures that your body can rid itself of toxins rather than taking them in.

Buying organic is a choice.

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we continue to offer conventional mattresses along with our selection of organic memory foam mattresses. We realize that many of the popular theories about organic mattresses are unproven. Some of them are just speculative. But we believe that people should get to choose what kinds of substances they’ll bring into their homes. We won’t push you to choose one over the other, but we are committed to staying up-to-date on every product we offer, and we choose our brands based on high product quality and a consistently excellent customer experience. If you want real conversation and honest answers about mattresses, we should be the first stop in your mattress search.

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