We get it. Mattress shopping is the last thing anyone wants to do. We all have more things to do than we have time, so laying around on beds we’re not going to buy – for 15 minutes apiece – falls pretty low on most people’s priority lists.

To be happy with your bed, you have to shop around for your new mattress.

The thing is, a mattress is a big investment. Even cheap mattresses aren’t exactly cheap, and each one you buy should last at least a decade. The most important thing to consider when your bed wears out is that your mattress plays a direct role in your daily quality of life. Your bed impacts your sleep, and your sleep impacts absolutely everything (at least for most of us). So even though companies are exploding for sparing people from the misery of mattress shopping, do yourself a favor and shop the old fashioned way… At least until you’ve found the right bed. Then shop online for the best price. It helps to find a best-price guarantee.

Tis the season.

How many weddings will you travel for this year? Get more for your travel dollar this summer by multitasking. You can wrap your mattress shopping experience up in a tidy road trip bow if you just keep a few things in mind. This is how you can enjoy your travel, enjoy your shopping, and enjoy a good night’s sleep for the next ten years.

Explore the possibilities. It’s hard to make a good decision when you don’t know all the options. Before you book overnight accommodations for this year’s trips, find out what’s new in the mattress world. Write down some questions. Not sure you want a Tempurpedic? Want to try zone adjustments? Think memory foam is weird? These questions will remind you to consider the right features when you encounter new mattresses.

Do your research. Travel involves a million questions. What’s one more? Ask your host about the bed you’ll be sleeping on, especially if you’re staying with friends or at an AirBnB. Search online for hotels that have specific mattress models and brands. If you’re particularly interested in a specific bed, call the mattress company to see where you’ll find the product. The mattress makers are far more likely to know the hotels that use their mattresses than hotel receptionists are to know the models of their beds.

Look at the tags. Thanks to that urban legend, most people are afraid to remove the tags from their mattresses. Either that, or they think the insides will spill out if they do. Regardless, most mattresses you sleep on are pretty likely to still have the tags attached. Look for this each time you sleep someplace new. Figure out which models you love and which you hate. This will be a big help down the road when you’re talking with a sleep expert.

Monitor your sleep. What’s the best way to get sleep in 2015? Science. Thanks to wearable technology and even some crazy interactive bedding products, ways of monitoring your sleep are easier to find than the time to snag a nap. Take note of how you feel, but back up that experienced evidence with physical monitoring for a more accurate view of how you’re sleeping. If you’re not getting great sleep, it’s possible you’re sleeping on the wrong bed.

Write everything down. This is a research process, so take notes. Write down your wants, needs, questions, and concerns. Then bring them with you when you finally do spend a day lying around in stores. Track things like how you feel when you wake up, where your pain is, and the features, size, brand, and model of each mattress you sleep on.

Seek professional help!

Are you in the Carolinas and ready to talk with a sleep expert? Or are you elsewhere, trying to find the best price in the country on your perfect mattress? Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for at A Goodnight Sleepstore. We guarantee it. But you still need to do your own shopping.

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