In a few ways, consumers win because they have a ton of options, and it’s possible to match a mattress really well to your unique comfort, support, and material preferences. The end result, though, is a shopping experience that can feel overwhelming, challenging, and sometimes downright exhausting.

Have no fear! A Goodnight Sleepstore is here!

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we know that your time is valuable, and that you’re in our store to make an important decision that affects your quality of life. You can get as little or as much help from our personnel as you want. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable throughout your experience with us. There are several things you can do before you ever set foot in a mattress store to improve the experience you have, both when you’re mattress shopping and when you take home your new mattress.

Think about it for a while.

Big home purchases are usually hard to make, and a split-second decision just creates all kinds of pressure. It also increases your anxiety and the likelihood that you’ll end up being unhappy with your purchase. You can put off actually shopping for a new mattress, but don’t put off thinking about it. Ask friends and relatives about their experiences. Take note of special sales that you see in advertising flyers or on TV. Pay attention to conversations about mattresses to start learning about what’s currently on the market. Just being tuned in to the topic will help you be more informed when you finally step into a store.

Be prepared.

There are so many things to consider! It’s best to have some notes ready when you visit a mattress store, and to not have to figure everything out on the fly. Here are some important ways you can be better prepared.

  • Talk to your doctor. If pain is what’s clued you in that you need a new mattress, pick the brain of a health professional. Your doctor can help you figure out how much support you actually need and make recommendations about any materials that might bother your skin or allergies.
  • Pay attention to how rested you feel when you wake up. If you’re tired all the time, your mattress could be the culprit. If you’re sleeping on a bed that causes pressure on pressure points, your body could be kicking in a defense mechanism that jolts you awake. You should feel relaxed, rested, and revived in the morning. If you don’t, jot down some notes about how you do feel.
  • Pay attention to your pain. As you get up in the morning, scan your body for pain. Be sure to consider your head, neck, upper back, lower back, and hips.
  • Do some research online. Don’t wait until your big shopping day to explore the many different materials and models in which mattresses are made. Figure out if the general characteristics of organic latex, memory foam, gel memory foam, or an inner spring mattress seem best suited to your personal preferences. Then when you lay on beds in the store, you can match up your real-life comfort with the other features you prefer. Ideally it will all add up to a no-brainer perfect-mattress decision.
  • Make sure all sleepers have input. If you don’t sleep alone, don’t shop alone. A mattress is a commitment, so all affected parties need to be involved. You might have to bribe your husband or turn it into a date for your wife, but whatever you do, don’t leave your spouse at home. You might never hear the end of it!

Get into a positive frame of mind.

Being anxious is a horrible way to test mattresses. As a matter of fact, if you get into a fender bender or run into your ex on the way to A Goodnight Sleepstore, you might want to seriously consider going home, chilling out, and visiting us on a day when you’ve gotten up on the right side of the bed. Be open to trying some beds that sound crazy, and be ready to spend some quality time in your local mattress store. The time you devote to choosing your mattress carefully will pay off in better sleep, a more relaxed, pain-free body, and improved quality of life from day to day. And don’t forget – no matter how well you prepare, we’ll still be here to answer your questions.

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