Fall is upon us! I knew it officially arrived when I woke up the other morning and my house was a cool 62 degrees. I quickly scurried to my heater to minimize the chill in the air and found to my dismay – no heat.

Of course my heater is broken. Of course I didn’t have it checked out before the cold. Of course all HVAC repair men are booked solid for two weeks. Sure this has happened to me before. I know I should have my heater checked BEFORE Fall arrives, but I guess I just wasn’t prepared. I mean, Fall in October? That doesn’t sound right.

Well, it is right. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way – again. Take a lesson or two from me, don’t wait until you feel that first cold sting on your nose in the morning. Have your heater checked before. Or you can wind up in the cold.

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