Hunting for the perfect mattress might seem like the hardest part of your shopping experience, but once you’ve found the best night’s sleep, there’s still the part where you have to pay! Do you wonder how other people manage to save up and spring for an expensive mattress? They don’t! They buy now and pay later. You don’t have to be a financial guru to replace your mattresses when you need to. We have options for you!

Accept the investment.

A new bed is a big household investment, and it’s also an important one. Replacing mattresses for yourself and for every member of your family is just one of those things that comes with being an adult. Few decisions have such an underestimated impact on your everyday quality of life! To maximize your health and minimize your pain, it’s vital that you replace your mattresses quickly once they’ve stopped providing adequate support. Your investment in quality bedding is an investment in the way you and your kids feel each day.

Make sure you’ve found “the one.”

First you need to get rid of your old mattress (which you should recycle if possible), and then it’s just as essential to find the right replacement. Never make a mattress purchase out of convenience. Do take the time to investigate brands, levels of support, and construction materials. Talk with the person who’ll be sharing their nights with you. A new mattress is of no use if your tossing and turning keeps your partner awake at night! Don’t assume that you have to compromise to get an affordable mattress. Figure out what’s important to you and don’t assume that an organic mattress or one with newly developed materials is out of reach. Figure out what you want. Set a budget. Then use both of those pieces of information in your shopping process.

Set a budget.

The best way to escape buyer’s remorse is to set a budget up front. Agree to it with anyone sharing the cost with you. Decide how much you’re willing and able to spend, but make sure it’s a spending window and not just one firm number. If you tell a sleep expert at A Goodnight Sleepstore about your budget, he or she will help you find exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Buying a mattress is hard for everyone.

It’s true. Buying a new mattress kind of hurts. It’s awesome for your body and the way you feel, but it’s also painful to spend money on. After all, you don’t really get anything new to enjoy in your life. Technically speaking, you can sleep just about anywhere. The important thing to know is that it’s worth it. It’s hard to put a dollar value on sleep, but once you stop waking up at night and your mornings are free of back or neck pain, you’ll feel its worth.

Here’s the good part – 0% Financing.

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, you can come into one of our showrooms in North or South Carolina, or shop from anywhere in the country! You’ll always get our Lowest-Price Guarantee, which means you’ll get the best mattress deal in the United States, no matter where you live. Shipping is free! Combined with our Goodnight Sleep Guarantee, you’ll get the best mattress at the best price with a 30-night satisfaction-guaranteed return policy. This is why A Goodnight Sleepstore is an award-winning mattress resource.

Mattress financing makes paying easy!

You could stuff a dollar under your mattress for every night you sleep on it, but that leaves the danger that your kid could find the cash and spend it all on candy. To stop putting off your purchase and break in your new bed, we offer financing that’s a lot more attractive than putting your mattress on a credit card. We regularly offer deals like 0% interest and deferred payments. Don’t hesitate to start shopping. Find the right bed and start getting great sleep without a big up-front payment. You owe it to yourself!

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