You know that fairytale about the blonde girl who starts squatting in a house already inhabited by a family of bears? You probably thought that story was about respecting what’s not yours or asking permission before you go around breaking other people’s things. It’s possible that you’ve been on the right track. As a mattress store, though, we like to turn that story on its head. Goldilocks tries out three beds – which in this case is all of them – before finding the right one. Once she’s done that, she sticks with the one that lulls her off to sleep. Since that’s exactly how you should be shopping for a mattress, we think there are additional lessons to be gleaned from “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

Try and Try Again

That girl knew how to get it done! She got out there in the world and tried out some beds! She even managed to fit in her mattress research without scheduling it. The key to finding the right bed is to kiss a lot of frogs. Or maybe it’s just to consider a lot of options. Mattress shopping is a pain because there are so many different materials, support systems, and options to choose from. Rather than snapping up the first good deal you come across, it’s vital to take the time to lie down, relax, and truly test some different mattress models. To make it happen, block off some dedicated time for research, and then be present during the process. If you start lying down in the middle of running errands, you’re likely to end up in hot water just like Goldilocks did.

Check Your Beliefs

When it comes to mattresses, the grass is always greener on the other side. There’s always a new breakthrough that comes out right after you buy your bed, or something you compromise to save a hundred bucks. You do not want to spend the next decade wondering “what if,” so doing your research will pay off. Bigger doesn’t mean better for every couple. Softer doesn’t always equal more comfortable. And yes, actual humans actually do sleep on adjustable beds. Figure out where your blind spots are and then seek out information to either confirm or reject your biases. If your experience of different types of beds is narrow, seek out a broader view and narrow your choices from there. An informed sleeper is a happy sleeper!

Sleep on It

The only way to really know how something will feel – especially an experience as prolonged as sleep – is to actually do it. The length of a mattress company’s trial period is now a point of differentiation in the market, and that brings great benefits for consumers. Mattresses are a big investment, and one that impacts your everyday quality of life. You should know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether your bed is the right one for you, and now you can. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we deliver throughout the continental United States and offer a 30-night risk-free mattress return policy. You can chat live with a sleep expert if you have a question after your mattress arrives, and we’re happy to help you get your best possible night’s sleep.

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