Four Ways to Improve Travel Sleep

The holidays are fast approaching, and for many that means road trips out of town, busy schedules and overnight stays away from the comforts of home. For little ones, this can be particularly daunting, but adults are not immune to poor sleep either! While you can’t exactly complain to your host about their uncomfortable mattress (but you can tell them about the great deal you saw on one at A Goodnight Sleepstore!), here are a few tips to make your away-from-the-nest slumber a bit easier.


Unfamiliar noises (or worse complete silence) can make it difficult to drift off. Consider bringing along a travel size noise machine or downloading a noise machine app to your smartphone. Ear plugs can also be useful. If you are staying at a hotel, be sure to ask for one away from the hustle and bustle of high-traffic areas such as banquet rooms, bars and the pool. If noise is what you are used to however, consider playing a meditation loop or soft music on your smart device or leaving the tv on with a sleep timer to shut it off. A fan is also a good idea. There are many portable fans on the market that pack a good airflow punch and give sleepers that coveted monotonous white noise.


Similar to noise, lights are sensory stimulants that can prevent you from drifting off. Sleep masks are easy to pack and create total darkness. On the reverse side, if you need to have a light on or are accustomed to one being on, consider bringing a nightlight with you. Pack a couple extra clothespins to clip the curtains shut. If your phone is on a charger, flip it face down so any popup or charge level notifications don’t illuminate the room when the phone lights up.


Getting your host to lower or raise their thermostat may be considered a guest faux-pas. Pack something lighter to sleep in, but bring along a heavier alternative or layer. This way you’ll be prepared for hot or cold environments. That fan you packed for white noise may come in handy as well. If you are staying at a hotel, make sure the AC or heat is adjustable and properly functioning when you check in. Request an immediate room change if the system isn’t working.


Scent is often an overlooked sense when it comes to sleep. Yet it may be the most important element, especially when it comes to small children. Bring along your own pillowcase to give yourself that at-home familiar smell. Bring a small blanket from home for your little ones to cuddle in. Packing a few used dryer sheets in with your clothes can give those pajamas that just washed smell from home instead of eau de suitcase.

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