Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night. It went something like this.

First thought: Chilly. Pull up comforter.

Second thought: Thirsty? Bathroom? Nope.

Third thought: Ugh! I bet my alarm goes off in 20 minutes. Check the clock — 3:17. Hooray!

Fourth thought: Uh, oh. I’m still cold. I’m not prepared for this temperature. Inadequate blankets!

Run to closet. This blanket? No, that one. Okay, both.

Fifth though: Drat! Commence fully awake mode. Good morning!

We all have those nights, and you’d think there’d be a solution by now. Are you like me — still manipulating the conditions in your whole room (or house) to get the right overnight temperature? There are two big drawbacks to this strategy. The first is that it’s expensive to keep the heat turned up all night if you want to be warm in bed. The second is that the temperature of the whole room inevitably becomes a compromise between you and your spouse. Even with the best intentions, it’s impossible to keep all the covers on one side of the bed.

Enter the ChiliPad

Don’t let the name fool you. We haven’t harnessed the power of chili peppers and infused them into your mattress. (Or at least that’s not what this article is about.) Chili Technology is a company that designs products to deliver “your perfect sleep temperature.” How do they define perfect? They don’t. You do. Their products put the power in your hands. With the ChiliPad, you can set the temperature of your own side of the bed. It’s like the sleep number system, but for temperature. You can use it with any mattress!

Microclimates for your Bed

The ChiliPad Cube isn’t just a mattress cover. It is, of course, a soft cover for your mattress — a 150-thread-count, poly-cotton mattress pad, to be exact. In addition, however, it features soft medical-grade silicone tubing that circulates water through the pad. The water temperature is managed via a remote-control-operated heating-and-cooling unit. Settings range from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Single-zone (one temperature) ChiliPads are available for all bed sizes, but the real magic is found in the dual-zone models. These Queen, King, and California King mattress pads have two control zones for individualized heating or cooling. With the ChiliPad, you’ll be prepared for any change in temperature, no matter how you set the thermostat.

An Unusual Mattress Pad

When it comes to comfort, ChiliPad is an exception. A mattress pad isn’t usually the best way to add comfort to your bed. If your mattress is worn out and has lost its comfort, it’s likely no longer providing adequate support. That can mean aching muscles and joint pain all day long, on top of a poor night’s sleep. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, our mattress pads are chosen for their functionality, each providing genuine protection or a significant increase in comfort — just not always in the way you might think.

We’ll help you find real comfort!

If you’ve been having uncomfortable nights and sleepy days, come talk to the sleep experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore. We’ll spare you time, money, and frustration by helping you find the real solution for whatever’s got you tossing and turning. If you live outside the Carolinas, just chat with us online. You’re still guaranteed the best deal anywhere and protected by our Goodnight Sleep Guarantee.

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