Organic crib mattresses are made from latex, organic cotton, and/or organic wool. Like organic adult mattresses, they are hypoallergenic, chemical-free, flame retardant, and dust-mite free. Other benefits include:

Better Lung Development

Chemicals in some kinds of non-organic crib mattresses can give off fumes. When inhaled by babies, these can affect lung tissue, potentially causing asthma or other serious lung problems. When you go organic, your baby will breathe easy.

Lower Chance of SIDS

When you visit A Goodnight Sleepstore, be sure to talk with a sleep specialist about how mattress materials have improved in recent years. A New Zealand scientist & chemist found that the fumes from older crib mattresses could cause SIDS. He reported that phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony have been added to some mattresses as fire retardants since the early 1950′s. Babies have a better chance of avoiding SIDS when you switch to an organic crib mattress that is free of chemicals.

Complete Comfort, Whatever the Weather

No more too-sweaty naps! Your little one will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with an organic crib mattress thanks to the natural materials — especially wool — a natural insulator.

Like Baby, Like Parent

With an organic crib mattress, babies will be able to nip some allergies in the bud before they can develop, be able to grow up healthier, and be able to breathe better.

And while you’re helping your baby (and the environment) if you choose organic for their mattress, it only makes sense to choose organic for yours as well! Come on down to your local A Goodnight Sleepstore, where our sleep specialists are ready to help you find the perfect organic mattress to lay your head down on.

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