Aren’t hammocks dreamy? Just the sight of a hammock conjures thoughts of island getaways, lazy summer days, and lemonade. To be outside and have the time to drift off in a soft, gently swinging cocoon is a slice of heaven. After some adjusting, everyone can find the perfect cradle in a quality hammock. It naturally creates a neck support, a prop for your feet, and exactly the right shape for the contours of your body.

Why are you not hammocking right now?

Now when was the last time you laid in a hammock? It takes the perfect conditions. The temperature and weather have to be just right. The bugs can’t be too bad. And you need a free chunk of time. If you’re fortunate enough to line up all of those criteria on the same day, you’d better count your blessings. Most of us are subject to Murphy’s Law, which dictates that we work when the weather is nice, have sprained ankles when we want to play games, and get eaten alive when we go outside. Many people abandon their hammock pipe dreams before they reach adulthood.

Is there a hammock alternative?

Unless you live in paradise or have a particularly hardy constitution, you probably don’t get the chance to lie in a hammock any day of the year. So we propose the next best thing – memory foam. A memory foam or gel memory foam mattress conforms to your body just like a hammock does. It moves when you move and supports your muscles and bones. Better yet, you can crash on your mattress every single night, and any time you get a chance to snag a power nap. Whether it’s the rainy season or the coldest winter on record, you can enjoy the comfort of a personally customized cradle every night of the week.

But hammocks are natural.

People have been sleeping in hammocks for centuries. They are used by far more numerous cultures than are modern beds. The sleeping surface is a swath of cloth, and the frame usually involves nothing more than two trees. It doesn’t get more natural than that. Well, it takes a lot more engineering, design, and manufacturing to create a memory foam mattress. But you can choose to go the most natural route possible by choosing an organic memory foam mattress. Organic mattresses are free of fire retardants and other toxic chemicals. They’re made from sustainable rubber harvested from trees. The best feature of an organic memory foam mattress might be that it’s naturally antimicrobial and resistant to moisture, bed bugs, and all other microscopic invaders.

Get your best night’s sleep.

If you sleep deepest when your bed responds to your every move, you should get into a hammock every chance you get. But since you probably won’t get the chance very often, you should also discover the wonderful comfort offered by memory foam mattresses. If you live in North or South Carolina, you can come hang out with the sleep experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore. If our stores are too far away, you can check out your options at any local mattress store, find the right make and model, and then shop online with us for the best price. No matter where you go to shop for a new mattress, check out our mattress buying tips to ensure you get your best night’s sleep.

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