You know that face. The one your dog makes when the luggage comes out and stuff gets loaded into the car. Don’t you wish you could tell him he’s coming along for the ride – and have him understand? We don’t know of any new sophisticated cross-species translation breakthroughs, but we do know what it’s like to want to speak your dog’s language. Next time you go on a trip, make sure your pup knows he’ll be along for the ride by bringing his bed along.

Pack up your pooch!

Know what your dog understands? Ownership. Our furry friends are hyper-aware of the territory that’s theirs, and what’s already been marked as someone else’s turf. We’ve talked a lot over the years about the importance of giving your pup a bed to call his own. But it’s easy to overlook that the same rules apply – maybe even more so – when your family heads out for an extended period of time.

It’ll pay off.

The benefits of bringing along the bedding go far beyond the sense of security your dog will receive. A simple personalized sleep spot will make your dog a better guest, and that canine karma is more than a little likely to rub off on you.

Extra Comfort in the Car

There’s nothing worse than a dog who barks or whines the entire time he’s in the car. Save your ears and your wits by making space for your dog to lay out on his bed. He’ll feel right at home, soothed by familiar scents and sensations. Depending on size and breed, you may have to factor this into your next vehicle-buying decision. For now, pack light and enjoy the silence. Bonus – when you stop at a store for snacks, your pup will likely keep his cool. Just remember to crack a window.

Carsickness & Accidents? No big deal.

Pets are unpredictable as it is. Throw in an extended car ride and you risk bumping the Earth off its axis. Even the steeliest stomach can fall victim to nausea while traveling. And bladder control? All bets are off. When your dog has a great bed, like one of Sealy’s plush models, you won’t have to worry. You can clean off the washable cover while the waterproof liner keeps yucky stuff from soaking through. Thanks to antibacterial protection and an odor-absorbing charcoal base, every adventure won’t necessitate a replacement.

Containing the Undercoat

No matter what you bring along, you won’t get out of grooming or brushing your dog whenever he’s a houseguest. What you can do is minimize the hair left behind by making your dog’s bed his home base. Instead of crawling all over your friends’ or relatives’ furniture, he’ll be compelled to return to the bed he calls his own. When you pack in your pup, you’ll naturally pack out his stray fur. Your hosts will think you’re so thoughtful!

Better sleep for your dog means better sleep for you.

There’s nothing like going on vacation with a dog who suddenly can’t sleep through the night. Bringing your dog’s own bed will improve his quality of sleep as well as his sense of security. When he’s not constantly jumping on your bed to join you, you can get the rest and relaxation that you’re traveling for in the first place.

Spread the love!

Dog people love bringing their companion animals everywhere they go, and people are starting to take notice. By being a conscientious human-and-dog duo on the road, you can act as ambassadors. Be considerate of others’ space. Before you know it, you’ll be able to take your dog to the car dealership and every other place under the sun. If you need to upgrade for an upcoming adventure, check out our selection of Sealy beds made just for dogs. They have all the features you’ll need for a successful road trip.

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