Healthy Inclinations

These beds were used in hospitals for a reason; there are a TON of healthy benefits to switching to an adjustable bed. When you can alter the position of your bed to fit your body contour, you are supplying yourself with a greater level of support. Proper back support keeps your spine in line, takes pressure off of your back, and prevents trapped nerves.

If you suffer from snoring (or from your spouse’s snoring), you could find that an adjustable bed helps. On a typical flat bed, the neck and head can settle in a position that blocks the airway. Inclining slightly in an adjustable bed can open the airway for a quieter night’s sleep.

Bending Toward A Bed

Popular modern options are the Sealy Titanium Adjustable base and the Tempur-pedic TEMPUR Ergo System. These beds were created to offer profound comfort, so it makes sense they’d come with some snazzy features. You will find adjustable beds with built-in massage, position memory, and wireless remote controls. You can contact our bed experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore to discuss all of the features of adjustable beds, and help you find the right fit for an amazing night’s sleep.

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