It pays to plan ahead.

Most of the people who will buy a new mattress in 2018 already know they’re about to be in the market. Embracing this reality early – and avoiding a last-minute, poorly researched, emergency purchase – will set you up to buy the best mattress at the best price. If your existing bed is on the way out, planning this expense into your budget ahead of time will make the entire process easier. Here are a few steps to help guide your planning and purchase.

Go to the store early.

We don’t mean as soon as your local mattress store opens, but rather early in the research process. The best way to narrow down your options is to try out beds in person to determine what feels best. Budgeting for a new mattress is something of a dance between allocating enough money and finding the right features at the best price. By doing adequate research, you can take advantage of that sweet spot. Do your research online, but also make it a point to get up close and personal with current offerings.

Start Saving

The aftermath of buying a new mattress feels kind of like buying a new smartphone when the one from two or three generations ago finally stops working. As long as it does what it’s supposed to, it feels like you haven’t gotten anything new. But just like the freedom from dropped calls, crashed apps, and three-hour battery life that comes with a new phone, you’ll soon start noticing the pains alleviated by your new mattress. Fitbit says you’re waking up less? Not a coincidence. No longer need your weekly massage? That’s the plan. To ease the pain of this big but necessary purchase that rolls around once a decade or so, it’s wise to start saving early. It’s not nearly as significant as buying a new car, but it does require more than the excess spending cash from a single paycheck (for most of us).

Factor in Financing

We agree that you shouldn’t put a mattress purchase on your high-interest credit card. Fortunately, there are dedicated credit lines available specifically for mattress purchases. If you’re in a pinch or have a physical condition that necessitates premium mattress features, mattress financing can make the difference between loving your new bed or needing to replace it early. At a Goodnight Sleepstore, we offer two flexible mattress financing options – one with a zero-interest payoff period and another with no credit check required.

Stretch your Old Mattress

If you haven’t saved sufficient cash and just aren’t in a place to buy a good mattress, you might be better off squeezing a few more months out of your existing bed than buying the wrong bed with the lowest price tag. There are several ways to extend the life of your old mattress, even when you know it’s on its way out the door. (A high-quality topper can work wonders.) We don’t recommend doing this for months on end, but you can buy yourself the time you need to find your best night’s sleep at the ideal price.

Plan for Protection

Don’t spend every last penny on that mattress. To make the most of your investment, you’re going to need a little extra cash for the foundation and mattress cover. Adding a cover as soon as you buy your mattress will keep it as close to new as possible while also minimizing your risk of voiding the warranty. Even with a high-quality cover, be sure to make a commitment to regular cleaning (just twice a year) up front. By taking these steps from the get-go, you can extend the comfortable life of your new mattress and push your next mattress-buying experience further into the future.

Have Questions?

If you still aren’t sure about setting aside the right budget for your next mattress, get in touch. A Goodnight Sleepstore’s Sleep Experts are available in-store and online to help customers in the Carolinas and throughout the continental United States find a better night’s sleep.

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