The best gifts are both enjoyable and functional, and involve things we want but might never buy for ourselves. Beyond the glitz and glitter of the latest electronic toys, there do exist gifts that never get old. A new sleep space, when given thoughtfully, is an amazing gift that never gets old. It’s just the ticket when you want to give a substantial gift that improves your loved one’s life and can’t be wasted (like cash or gift cards) on frivolous items.

If you want to give the gift of great sleep, keeping in mind these few points will help you get it right.

Sleep is incredibly personal. Snoozing soundly is a subjective experience, so you can’t rely on your own judgment to pick the best mattress for someone else. This is one gift where it pays to let your recipient pick. Resist the urge to put the biggest present of all time under the tree – or get your kicks covering their old mattress in a collage of the most rolls of wrapping paper you’ve ever used.

Mattress shopping is incredibly under-rated. Get creative and make a statement. Giving your loved one the opportunity to improve every day with better sleep shows that you really care – and that you’re over thinking they’re lazy like you did when they were 17. Make the quest for the most comfortable mattress a mother/daughter, uncle/nephew, or “I miss you and want you to think of me fondly every day” experience. You’ll be amazed when you see how people react to find out you care about their comfort.

Not all mattresses are created equal. Here’s that subjective thing again. Try to make as few decisions as possible for your gift recipient. Set a budget and learn about different types of mattresses so that you can advise wisely. With names like Marshall and Bonnell, an array of coil shapes, and memory-foam mattresses to choose from, there’s a lot to discover. Allow ample time for browsing (and even a little bit of in-store snoozing) to give your giftee the best shot at going home with the perfect mattress.

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