Know why you’re going organic. Lots of people’s decisions to shop organic are similar to their decisions to eat gluten free. It sounds like a good idea, it’s a super hot topic in the media, and it’s not that difficult. However, to really reap the benefits of a lifestyle change, it’s important to know why you’re making it. Learn a little bit about the difference between GOTS-certification and organic classification. Decide whether you want to only use your dollars locally. Organic and local are not synonymous. Avoiding contaminants? Be aware of dyes, flame-retardants, and other chemicals that tend to be in and around your bed. The more you know about the subtleties of these distinctions, the better able you’ll be to take meaningful action.

Organic materials are just the beginning. The push for organic mattresses and bedding in general is fueled by concern about off-gassing, which is the release of gasses into the air that have been present in a material. We now know that lots of chemicals that used to be (and sometimes still are) used in mattresses and textiles can be dangerous. Organic-mattress shoppers seek to avoid off-gassing, and that doesn’t stop at the material that makes up the cushioning in the mattress. Be ready to investigate not only whether it’s organic cotton, but also what chemicals are used in the spring system, foam, latex, and other components. And don’t forget all your bedding accessories!

Never compromise on comfort. It’s hard enough to find the right mattress. Now you’re looking for the right mattress that is also organic. If sustainability or the absence of toxins is your main priority, it could be easy to get worn out and take what you can get. The truth is, you can get a comfortable mattress that will support your spine and your values. Use our guide to shopping for the perfect mattress, combine those tips with these, and neither discomfort nor your conscience will keep you awake at night.

Our sleep experts are prepared to have educated conversations with concerned consumers who fall all over the sustainability spectrum. By knowing what features are most important to you in an organic mattress, you can make it easy for us to pair you up with your perfect mattress. Visit us today!

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