Can you feel the global warming tonight?

Isn’t bed the worst place to feel hot and stuffy? High temps can keep us uncomfortable during the day, but engagement with daily tasks usually keeps us distracted. When you’re trying to sleep, though, it’s impossible not to be keenly aware of just how miserable you feel. Everyone without A/C has spent a sweltering, sleepless night wondering what people did before the invention of air conditioning. Fortunately, not all the methods that carried humanity to this point in history have been lost. Here are some ways for keeping cool that are so simple, they’re often forgotten.

Hit up Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t the answer; it’s just where you’re likely to find it. Do you know that it’s entirely possible to build your own air conditioner? Seriously – one that actually works. There’s a homemade option for every level of mechanical and crafting ability. It won’t be pretty, but if your lease or living situation prevents you from installing a window unit, you’ll find no shortage of pin boards full of DIY home cooling possibilities.

Sleep like an Egyptian.

Egypt is closer to the equator than the Carolinas, and if the people there could handle the heat in the third century BC, you’ll get through it too. Their low-tech solution for keeping cool, known as the Egyptian Method, works just as well today as it did back then. Lay an extra clean, dry sheet atop your sleeping space to minimize moisture transfer to your mattress. Then take another sheet, douse it in cool water, and wring it out thoroughly. You’re looking for damp, not wet. Then huddle under this chilly top sheet like a blanket that shields you from the warmth. For even more cooling power, circulate the air in your bedroom with a fan, or pop your damp top sheet in the fridge for an hour.

Get a cooling pillow, sheets, and bed.

Every aspect of your sleep space can help – or harm – the quality and quantity of sleep you’re able to get. Most Americans are accustomed to getting out the heavy quilts and flannel sheets to cozy up the cooler months of the year. But what do we do to prep for the sizzling summer months? We switch to “normal” sheets. This year, while you’re whisking away the warm stuff, take the time to add a few cooling components to the bedroom.

Temperature-Control Mattresses

We aren’t about to recommend using a waterbed to beat the heat. Fortunately, modern technology makes it possible to enjoy a temperature-controlling mattress at the same time as getting adequate, healthy support. While you can install micro-climates with a high-tech mattress pad, we suggest going a more traditional route. Many modern sleep surfaces are designed to regulate temperature all year round, including Tempur-Pedic’s moisture-wicking and antimicrobial models. Our organic latex mattresses feature open-celled Talalay latex which doesn’t trap heat, as well as a phase-changing gel for advanced heat transfer. Many modern beds deliver the added benefit of minimizing motion as well as heat so that you can sleep soundly even when your spouse or pet is tossing and turning.

Super Cool Pillows

These days, there’s a pillow for everything. Glideaway’s Blue Chill pillow (which you can get for just $59 when you enter coupon code BLUECHILL59 at checkout) is made to help you keep your cool. When you combine its superior support, constant cooling, and anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, and hypoallergenic properties, Blue Chill is the best value on the market. If you already love the pillow you have or aren’t ready to commit to a pillow made for cooling, you can get your feet wet with a go-anywhere Chillow cooling pad – if you can get your hands on one. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, come back to A Goodnight Sleepstore for the guaranteed best deal on bedding.

Still struggling to sleep?

If you’ve tried everything and still find yourself tossing and turning, it might be time for a real upgrade. Visit the sleep experts at one of our discount mattress stores throughout the Carolinas. We’ll help you consider everything that is impacting your sleep and find a solution. And next time you go mattress shopping – don’t forget to mention that you’re sensitive to heat!

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