It’s possible that dreams are a product of the brain trying to keep our memories sharp, and this might explain why we hallucinate when we’re sleep deprived. If we don’t go into a shutdown mode for our brains to sort out what’s in them, dreams have no choice but to creep into our waking lives.

Men vs. Women

Dreams are kind of like sketches from our everyday lives, so for both males and females, characters in dreams will usually be familiar, as will places, objects, and situations. But that’s where the similarities end, as men and women are very different dreamers.

Women have a tendency to dream for a longer period than men, and also to see brighter, more vivid colors. Men dream more about aggression, and the characters in their dreams are usually that of the same sex, whereas women dream equally about men and women.

Lucid dreaming

In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is in control of what’s going on in the dream — kind of like a director of a movie. The frontal cortex is activated in this state, so even though you are asleep, you feel like you’re awake.

Anyone can try to learn to lucid dream if they want to. It’s a learned skill just like mastering a craft or a language. There are many benefits to being able to control your dreams, such as improving creativity, facing fears, and developing confidence.

Dream on

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