With a few rules, your room can become your recharging station. If you’re a parent, you definitely deserve (and need!) one. We can’t enforce your guidelines for you, but we can help you decide what to shoot for.

How to get it:

Close the door – As often as you can. If you let it be a common area, little ones of all species will feel welcome at all hours.

The bed’s got to be good – If you don’t have your sleep, you haven’t got anything. That might not be how it goes, but your bed is the cornerstone of your rest and, thus, your patience. Make a mattress-store date, maximize the cozy quotient, and make sure your bed gives you optimum sleep potential.

No computing allowed – As this is arguably the toughest rule ever, we understand that your phone is also your alarm clock and your way of requesting backup as you’re hiding from rampaging rug rats. But at least try to keep your work in your workspaces. No matter which way you slice it, your great bed makes a really bad office chair.

No kids allowed – Again, almost impossible. But if the general rule is “kids keep out”, you can limit all-ages time in your sanctuary for tearful moments, fighting the flu, and Christmas morning.

Have an always-clean policy – Alas, this one is for you and/or your one and only. If you do this, your future, stressed-out self who just needs a minute to think will thank you many times over.

No pets allowed – If you have pets, keeping craziness at bay is twice as difficult and exponentially more important. A closed-door policy will keep burrs out of your bed, fur out of your clean clothes, and your things where you left them.

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