You knew these were coming!

Posh pet beds have finally hit the market. With all the ways that we pamper our pets, it’s amazing that it’s taken so long. Etsy stores, tiny specialized boutiques, and major mattress makers are all getting in the game. Now when you visit A Goodnight Sleepstore, you can bring even more comfort into your home! We’ll soon be carrying amazing pet beds that will finally inspire you to kick the dog out of your bed and into her very own!

The Guilt

Dog beds have been around for a while. Most dog owners have them. They’re even available at Ikea. Lots of dogs, however, still don’t use them. Until now, the options have been pretty lame. And while your dog is more comfortable on the equivalent of a flattened pillow than on the floor, your furniture is much more appealing. When your dog’s bed sucks, you know it. It’s not like you can’t let your dog sleep on your bed. You’re in charge, and he so wants to spoon with you. We all know what it’s like to start bending the rules because we feel bad. And with a persistent dog, a one-time compromise can quickly turn into a full-blown habit. This is even more likely to happen when you realize that your dog sitter’s dog beds are so much nicer than yours.

The Gilt

Admit it. You’ve hidden your dog’s bed and let her tough it out while company was visiting. They’re ugly. This new crop of dog beds was designed to be seen. Some of them even make a scene. Retailers are blending pet trends with fashion trends to create beds that look and feel really good. They’ve finally gotten the message that, when you have nice furniture, you don’t want your dog’s bed messing with your aesthetic.

The benefits of these new dog beds go way beyond looks. They take into account the realities of dog life, so they’re easy to clean, hard to stain, and resilient. There are so many options! You can get an orthopedic mattress for an old dog or an organic one for a sensitive dog. There’s an aerated bed that looks like a futon and cools itself during the dog days of summer. Whatever your interior-decorating style, you can find a blinged-out dog bed to match.

We’ve got all the sleep you need.

Are you surprised that we’ll be carrying dog beds at A Goodnight Sleepstore? We feel like it’s a no-brainer because we’re your complete sleep resource! It’s our job to have options for every member of the family, and we mean that without exception! Have fun checking out our incredible pet beds, but be careful. Someone in your family could be inspired to get a new puppy!

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