The entire organic-everything conversation in the United States is complex, noisy, and full of misinformation and myths. At the end of the day, your answer to this question is all about you. What’s important to you? Price? Prosperity? Your priorities are what drive your purchasing decisions. There’s ever-accumulating evidence that our actions as humans are directly linked to the wellbeing of the whole planet. That draws particular attention to what we manufacture and consume. Wherever you stand on the global-warming spectrum, we can tell you that there are two main reasons why people buy organic mattresses.

1.) They’re definitely not bad for people – especially babies.

It’s true. Some of the hype about mattress ingredients is true, and some of it is most definitely false. But the best bet for eliminating nighttime toxicity in your baby’s bedroom is to invest in an organic mattress. They’re available in perfect sizes for infants as well as kids, and they’re certifiably free of the kinds of chemicals you wouldn’t want to take a chance on. Despite its tarnished track record, the mattress industry is getting much better at keeping toxic substances out of consumer households. A lot of those bygone decisions were made in ill-informed “best of two evils” situations, and many less-awesome materials have been eliminated from the traditional mattresses we sell.

2.) They’re not bad for the environment.

Concern for their own health and the wellness of their families is what inspires most people to seek out organic mattresses. But there’s a greater-good element to consider as well. Organic mattresses don’t just keep toxic chemicals out of your bedroom. Their manufacturing processes use natural materials and sustainable business practices to improve the whole mattress-related ecosystem. Organic mattresses are better for our planet before, during, and after their functional sleep-supporting lives.

Would Rachel Carson have slept on an organic mattress?

She probably would have. Then again, she probably would have made her own. We like to think that she would have wanted to have a conversation first to understand all her options, so she might come in and talk to a sleep expert at a local organic mattress store. We hope that’s what you’ll do, and we’re excited to be able to bring you safer, more sustainable mattress options every day.

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