Break Free of the Flimsy Futon

Letting someone crash at your house is nice. But if you have one of those temporary, disposable, only-just-functional Swedish futons, you might find that no good deed goes unpunished. There’s a reason that so many flimsy futons live longer on the curb than they do in people’s homes. But it does get better! This flexible folding space-saving wonder has a storied history of impressive utility.

Explore An Evolving Innovation

Just like there are Windows and Mac people, there are bed people and futon people. And for centuries, the sleep spaces of these two groups have evolved in parallel. The first futons were hard and uncomfortable. Popular with rich and noble people, this traditional Japanese bedding was too expensive for the common people.

Futons became more comfortable in the 18th century when cotton became increasingly available. In the present day, futons are affordable, accessible, and a great option for many lifestyles. There are even futons that mold to the body like a memory foam mattress!

Futons can be Fancy, too!

Explore the possibilities presented by a fantastic, comfortable modern futon. Make sure that your futon is a couch where your guests want to sit and a bed where they want to sleep. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we offer only the best models at the best pricing. Our Bismark Futon is exceedingly comfortable with a thick mattress, and its sophisticated styling is fitting for those who’ve graduated from the dorms.

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