The sleep-anywhere attitude tends to shift somewhere along the line. The thin blankets and moment of feather-or-foam discovery start to matter. Maybe it’s the ability to afford our own hotel rooms that sways our preference from the first local friend’s couch we can find. Or maybe it’s the fact that actual responsibilities require real, adequate, high-quality sleep. Sooner or later, instead of apologizing for how many weeks you’ve been couch surfing, you find yourself apologizing for forgetting that your friend lives in the city you just visited.

If you’ve found yourself past these rites of passage, now is the time to consider your guest room. After all, not everyone is as lucky or as evolved as you. Some loved ones will just desperately want to visit you for as many moments as possible, and others will just never pay for a place to stay. Whatever’s behind your second cousin’s motivation to inhabit your house, every good host, whenever realistically possible, extends to their friends and family the option to spend the night at the local family home.

Offering a livable guest room adds convenience to the travel of your loved ones, maximizes quality time, and buys you all kinds of karma points on that big chalkboard in the sky. We’ve all slept in places where people would rather we hadn’t slept. Pay it forward by putting together the kind of guest room that wouldn’t tip anyone’s scales in favor of paying $100 to stay in a hotel.

Some quick tips to a well-executed guest room:

Consider the Goldilocks Effect – One is reminded of Seinfeld’s Elaine doubled over and nearly crippled from sleeping on Jerry’s parent’s pullout sofa. When selecting a mattress for your guest room, go with something that can please a wide range of tastes, something not too soft and not too firm. Choose a mattress that is middling, that is both supportive and plush. Keep in mind that you will be hosting folks with varied tastes and comfort levels, levels different from yours. Keep extra pillows, blankets, and a mattress pad on hand to add additional cushion for those who need it.

Size Matters – The way these things tend to work out, your guest room might be the smallest room in your house or apartment. If you can get it to fit, choose at least a full (ideally queen-sized) mattress. Your guests will be thankful for the roominess, especially if they travel in pairs.

Cover the Bare Necessities – It’s unlikely that anyone will ever be “just sleeping” at your house. They will be living there for a very short time. They will need to sleep, of course, but also to bathe, to wake up on time, to dress, to eat, and to caffeinate. Unless your guest is grandma, make chargers available for myriad devices.

Minimize Multitasking – Do not use your guest room as a storage space between guests. What a guest is looking for is cleanliness and comfort, not clutter. Keep furniture to a minimum. They’ll need a closet and a couple of drawers to store their personal effects. Be sure to change the bedding after each guest.

Come visit A Goodnight Sleepstore to be guaranteed you’re offering your guests the best overnight experience that no money can buy. Then tell your nearest and dearest to leave their pillows, towels, and toiletries at home. It will free up some space in their luggage for which they’ll be thankful, especially if they refuse to check bags. Don’t we all want that luxury?


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