Know your Position

We encounter lots of people who say they sleep in all sorts of positions, but that’s less true than one might expect. One way to resolve the question of how you sleep is to pay more attention to the way you wake up than the way you fall asleep. If your body is naturally returning to a consistent position, that’s the one that’s going to play the biggest role in the comfort you get from your new bed. Even if you vacillate between two sleep styles, knowing that’s the case will help you make the right choice.

Why choose?

Sleeping position is ultra-important to choosing the right mattress because this factor determines the likelihood and location of pressure points. Stomach sleepers spend the night in a rather flat posture with relatively few contours. Side sleepers, on the other hand, let their hips and shoulders sink into the bed; and without even support to the whole body, all the pressure will rest upon those “bony prominences.” Since the needs of side, back, and stomach sleepers differ significantly, declaring your allegiance is crucial to achieving consistent nighttime comfort.

Calculate your body weight.

Just as your sleeping position dictates where your body sinks into your mattress, your weight determines how much you compress the layers. Heavier people are likely to enjoy cushioning from a firm comfort layer comparable to that felt by a lighter person sleeping on a soft comfort layer. It’s all about weight distribution and pressure points, so not every factor is straightforward. Which brings us to…

Don’t forget body shape.

Body contours play a role in the pressure-point conversation as well. The goal with your new mattress is to make sure that weight is distributed evenly so that no area of the body is carrying undue pressure. If you notice some areas of your body that are unsupported by a mattress you’re trying out, it will be wise to move on. Pressure points can take a while to feel, but they’re not impossible to predict.

Be dedicated and diligent.

When you take all these unique individual factors into account, it’s easy to see why going to the mattress store is so important. When you do, the surest way to get the right mattress for your body is to know your preferences, your body specifics, and your support and comfort needs. You should expect to try a lot of beds, have some conversations, and devote some focused time to the process of narrowing down your options. The perfect mattress for your body is out there; you just have to find it. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we believe it’s our job to help you complete that mission. We’re not here to just sell you a mattress. We’re determined to make sure you get the best night’s sleep of your life. Let’s work together to make it happen.

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