I know what you’re thinking.

Why would anyone take out a loan to buy a mattress?

At least, that’s what I thought when I bought my new mattress a few months ago.

The Case for Credit

Then I discovered that making my budget the one inflexible variable in my decision-making process could wind up costing me a lot more than a few hundred dollars. After all, the whole purpose for my mattress-shopping adventure was to have fewer sleepless nights, less pain, and more restful sleep. Buying a bed that didn’t deliver those benefits would have been a fool’s errand. Once I’d tried some models in the store, it became apparent that the bed I was certain would give me all those things was about $300 above my initial price cap. I thought I’d have to wait a few more painful months wiling away on my old mattress. The next thing I learned, though, was that I had access to financing which would cost me nothing extra. It wasn’t long before financing became a no-brainer.

Eliminating Compromise

It was easy to deduce that compromising my comfort would be a bad way to save a few bucks, but I’d also walked into the showroom thinking that I could forego a new box spring. Now, this is both silly and typical. I’ve even written blogs detailing all the reasons your new mattress needs a new foundation, yet I somehow managed to convince myself that I’d shave off a few hundred bucks by using my old one. All it took was a few minutes feeling the support of my new $1,000 mattress to convince me that sabotaging it from the get-go was the worst decision I could make – even worse than choosing the wrong mattress (which I could at least take back). I did spring for a new premium box spring, and I’ve never looked back, even though it increased the amount I ultimately financed. It was undeniably the right decision.

Flexible Mattress Financing + Nationwide Delivery

Here’s the amazing thing about mattress financing at A Goodnight Sleepstore. They go a step beyond most mattress stores in the financing department, offering multiple flexible mattress financing options. The result is a financing option for everyone, anywhere in the continental United States, combined with a guaranteed lowest-price program. That means you’re sure to pay the lowest price available anywhere, and you’ll enjoy either zero-interest financing (for a fixed term, of course) or the freedom of a no-credit-check credit line. I used the zero-interest option, got just what I needed in a mattress, and have been delighted with the results.

Here, you have options.

A Goodnight Sleepstore gives you great options to finance all or part of your mattress purchase. It’s how we make the right mattress accessible to every customer based on personal preferences and quality sleep, not on financial circumstances. You decide whether 0% Mattress Financing or No Credit Check Mattress Financing is the right option for you. Then just select your preference below, fill out the online application, and a sleep expert will be in contact with you shortly.

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