There’s nothing new under the sun, right? When it comes to sleep, that’s totally true, but we still know next to nothing about why we sleep or how to do it right. In the mattress industry, we see innovation all the time. Actually, we learn about it. It’s almost always hard to see what’s new inside one big white rectangle or another. Research about sleep has been incorporated in countless ways to produce more options and to better meet the needs of individual customers. But the fact remains: it’s hard to shop for a mattress. Our favorite innovations are the ones that help us give you better, more thorough answers to your questions. This month, we’re excited to highlight a few of the innovations that go beyond the materials and manufacturing methods.

Organic Mattresses

If anyone is going to push an organic mattress on you, it won’t be us. For us, the most important thing about organic mattresses is that they give our customers choices. We understand that there are an awful lot of uncertainties on both sides of the organic argument. But what does that mean to you when you need to get some sleep?

The organic-mattress debate will rage on whether you can sleep through it or not. If you’re trying to replace your mattress, you’re probably just as busy as anyone else AND not getting enough sleep. Nobody has the time or energy to fight or wait for all the questions to be answered. We want to keep it simple. Organic mattresses deserve to be a thing because you deserve the option to choose an organic mattress. If you don’t want one, we totally respect that. Our job isn’t to convince you of anything. It’s to give you good options and make sure you get what you want. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we’ll connect you with the right natural mattress if you want one, and if you don’t, we won’t try to tell you that you do!

Augmented Reality

Okay, this one is just cool. A lot of things about a mattress are based on feeling, not seeing. That’s great, but laying on a mattress doesn’t really drive home what’s going on inside of it. You can’t find out which mechanisms are at work, how they interact with each other, or what’s really causing the comfort or discomfort you’re feeling. We’ve always had the option of cutting a mattress in half, and plenty of brands actually provide cross-sections. Still, that’s not terribly interactive.

Some companies have done some creative but arguably weird things involving augmented reality and mattresses. The program we’re excited about lets you view what’s going on inside a mattress while you’re sitting or laying on it. See how the layers are reacting to your weight and movement. Understand the real difference between two mattresses that seem to feel the same. By seeing and feeling, you get to make a better-informed decision about your mattress choice.


A lot of people feel left in the dark when it comes to mattresses, and we can relate. The lovely people who sell mattresses can only provide as much information as the manufacturers provide. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we work with brands that invest in making sure we understand the products they’re offering to you. Since the sleep experts on the showroom floor can’t see into the design, manufacturing, and sourcing processes, there have been some blind spots where it’s been hard to provide our customers with the answers we know they need.

We’re happy to tell you that mattress manufacturers are getting the message. They understand that you take your mattress — and its impact on your health — seriously. Several major mattress brands have begun developing unique, in-depth materials that provide more insight than ever into their products, both for us and for our customers. The American public has demanded more and clearer information about their mattresses, and the market is delivering.

If you have a mattress question, we welcome you to ask us via the live chat feature on our website. No matter where you are in the world, we can help make your search for the perfect mattress a little easier. And if that conversation leads to solving the puzzle, we ship mattresses free throughout the US!

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