When it comes to sleep products, the wonders never cease. There’s a constant stream of strange and spectacular developments devised to help humans get more shuteye. This month we’re taking a break from high-tech sleep inventions to share some updates that you might consider more…obvious.

You could just sleep in your car.

We’ve talked before about the idea of installing a mattress in your truck bed because people need sleep no matter where they go. Now a company seeks to transform the car-nap experience with a one-size-fits-all, perfectly weighted PVC air mattress. This inflatable bed might not deliver the support of an innerspring, but it will let you avoid paying for a hotel room the next time you attend an out-of-town wedding. The 150-kilogram weight capacity makes it the perfect gift for the frequent traveler who has everything. For just $50 on eBay, you can get a waterproof universal air bed in your choice of colors, along with a car-adaptor air pump and a matching pillow. Just give us a call when you head back home. We’ll help you find a super-supportive mattress that will relieve the back pain you get from sleeping in your car.

1 in 3 Americans isn’t getting enough sleep.

Our sleep experts know all too well about the worn-out, uneven, pain-inducing mattresses that Americans are sleeping on each night. We’ve heard countless stories of the conditions and circumstances to blame for stealing people’s sleep. That’s why we’re surprised by this University of Michigan study that found 1/3 of Americans to be suffering from sleep deprivation. We expected that number to be higher! If you’ve been pushing yourself to cope with less-than-ideal sleep, you can take heart. It’s common, and there are hundreds of causes. If you find yourself wondering if your sleeping surface is at fault, we hope you’ll stop in or visit us online for a conversation about finding better comfort.

Sunlight helps us sleep better.

Another update from the University of Michigan indicates that spending time outside could be the key to maximizing sleep. Exposure to natural light helps us keep our circadian rhythms properly calibrated, especially when we’re experiencing jet lag. These findings were determined in research related to an app that recommends custom schedules of light and darkness to help travelers adjust when changing time zones. Ultimately, people who spend time outside every day get to sleep earlier and stay asleep longer than those who spend their lives inside under artificial light.

Sleep habits are part “nurture,” not just “nature.”

It’s been proven: your sleep problems aren’t necessarily genetic. They can’t all be solved by spending time in the sun, either. A recent international study found that society plays a role in determining people’s sleep patterns. Just as our bodies naturally tend toward earlier or later sleep cycles, societies exert their preferences as well. It turns out that “normal” bedtimes vary widely by country, and these differences determine how much sleep the average person is able to get. Cultural differences appear to make an even bigger impact than demographics, as universal trends emerged like women tending to sleep longer than men. People in places with earlier sunrises wake up earlier, but laying down to sleep is rarely tied to sundown.

The difference is obvious!

At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we believe that where you sleep is just as important as when you sleep. To make sure you’re getting the most out of every minute you spend between the sheets, you’ve got to have a great bed. Our team has the know-how to match every member of your family with the mattress that will give him or her the best possible night’s sleep. When it’s time to seek out your next sleep surface, you can count on us for personalized service and the guaranteed best value nationwide.

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