Savvy consumers know that the best way to save big on retail isn’t clipping coupons; it’s showing up in the right place at the right time and grabbing up the perfectly good but gently used “display model.” In the mattress world, we call those “floor models,” and we sell them for significantly less than sticker price.

Why consider a floor model?

There’s one major reason to consider buying a floor model mattress, and that’s price. You can walk out the door with a floor model and several hundred dollars more in your pocket than if you’d bought the same mattress straight out of the box. This option is particularly important if you have an eye for expensive furnishings. Floor-model pricing can stretch the value of your budget and bring a wider variety of models into your range of options.

So why would anyone NOT consider a floor model?

People’s concerns about buying a floor model mattress fall into just a few standard categories.

Concern #1: Structural Integrity

There’s a remarkable amount of concern being expressed online about the wear and tear that floor model mattresses receive while on the sales floor. Let us be the first to assure you that the number of people laying on each individual mattress each day, times the few minutes they spend, times the amount of time that unique mattress remains on the floor does not constitute “a ton of wear” in mattress terms. These products are the most-used furniture items in a home, hands down. They’re designed to support adult sleepers for 8-ish hours every single night for more than a decade. Most of our floor models spend significantly less time on the floor than the year speculated by many online commenters, and few of them rack up even an hour of testing a day. In our opinion, this wear and tear comes nowhere near offsetting the substantial cost savings offered by a floor model.

Concern #2: Other People’s Stuff

There are those of us who are bona fide germophobes, completely prevented from seriously considering the purchase of any floor model, ever. If you count yourself amongst this group, your time will likely be better spent exploring other options. Organic latex mattresses, which are naturally repellant to virtually everything, could suit you very well. The rest of us, though, can likely rest easier than we’ve been resting. We can address a lot of your concerns just by stating that mattress-testing customers do very little while on our mattresses, and there’s always a professional present. There are never any food or drink, pets, or human-generated unpleasant materials involved. We provide covered pillows, and we carefully monitor our stock for issues. If you’re concerned about how long a specific mattress has been on the sales floor, we invite you to ask a sleep expert about it. Upon delivery, you’ll have the opportunity to carefully inspect your new mattress before signing for it – whether it’s a floor model or not. Most importantly, if you’re concerned with cleanliness, we recommend steering clear of refurbished and rebuilt mattress models. We don’t offer these types of repurposed products at A Goodnight Sleepstore, but many mattress stores do. When in doubt, ask.

Keep these things in mind.

The availability of floor models and the opportunity to test them in person are big perks of visiting a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Even if you’re on the fence about making a floor model your primary every-night bed, remember that they make fantastic guest beds. In every case, make sure you’re choosing amongst high-quality mattresses from reputable brands (that’s all we carry at A Goodnight Sleepstore) and not picking a floor model based on the lowest possible bargain-basement price. Also important is that you don’t limit your options to the available selection of floor models. While floor models can extend your budget and price range, you should ultimately be making your choice based on comfort and support.

The Ultimate Floor Model Savings

Mattress sales are a dime a dozen, but a few times a year, we bring out the big discounts — like 50-80% off floor model and clearance sets. Sure, there’s some overlap, as some of the items in our clearance section are likely to be floor models – but others are brand-new mattress models that have been discontinued. We’re always having to make room for new beds, and when we drop prices to clear the floor, you win. Shop the sale now!

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