If shopping for mattresses is old hat for you, you (hopefully) already know what this post has to offer. But if you’re in your early 30’s and starting to consider buying a new mattress for the first time, read on.

Many successful people spend their 20s figuring life out. Maybe you took a stab at entrepreneurship, obtained (or pursued) an advanced degree, or spent some amazing years traveling. During the bittersweet third decade of life, it’s customary to replace the belongings we grew up with – those functional, mismatched treasures – with products and possessions that we actually like.

Is a new mattress the last thing on your list?

Who doesn’t weigh the benefits of camping out on Thanksgiving for a shot at a huge flat-screen TV? We upgrade our phones, stereos, furniture, clothes, and coats with varying levels of resentment. But it can take a long time to realize (and then admit) that it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Mattresses are so easy to forget. We cover them up with memory-foam toppers, then 1000-thread-count sheets, then cloudy duvets or Amish-made quilts. Unlike our TVs and gaming systems, we hardly ever even see our mattresses.

So why think about your mattress?

The thing is, we feel the impact of our mattresses every day – often all day! It can be hard to make the connection, but if you’re falling asleep at work, getting jittery from coffee, or losing your edge due to back pain, your mattress could be to blame.

When you’re ready to take the plunge (especially if you’re also jumping the broom), don’t just rush out and buy the first thing that feels comfortable. This is an investment that’s going to be with you for about the next decade. That’s probably longer than your car!

• Think about your needs. This is not a decision to be made out of haste. Learn how to shop for a mattress (link to How to Shop for your New Mattress post) before you try to do it.
• Discover the different mattress models. Like anything else, modern mattresses offer lots of different options. Find one that’s right for what’s important to you.
• Define your ideal budget. Be realistic about what you want, what you need, and what you can actually spend.
• Save the cash. This is an investment, and an important one that will affect your life. Tucking away a little bit of money each month will make buying your new mattress much easier.
• Make it a date! Mattress shopping takes a while, and if you’re relaxed, it can be really fun. Make it a relaxing treat for yourself, or a fun adventure with someone else.

Take the time, do it right, and you’ll achieve an incredibly comfortable sleeping oasis for the very important next decade of your life.

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