Sealy dog beds are on sale NOW at A Goodnight Sleepstore!

If you want to do your dog a solid, you’ll take advantage of discounted pricing and replace his oversized pillow with a mattress fit for your best friend. Sealy’s orthopedic dog beds have revolutionized the dog bed industry, and they’re the only pet beds we offer in our mattress stores. They’re so good that we couldn’t resist offering them alongside the rest of our Sealy Posturepedic, and Optimum beds.

What makes a great dog bed?

Until recently, dog beds were all the same. As a matter of fact, most of them still are. Sealy was the first mattress maker to really invest in making a better dog bed, and the gamble has paid off big-time. Thousands of dog owners are raving about the well-thought-out design, with its easily removable waterproof liner, non-slip bottom, and odor-eliminating charcoal base. After all, who are dog beds really for? Ultimately they benefit people.

What makes Sealy’s dog beds great?

You’ll be amazed at the research and design that has gone into these upscale dog beds. At first glance, they’re great because they put function over form with an appearance that blends with the rest of your normal furniture. You’ll never be embarrassed to have one of these puppies in your den. The really impressive features are inside the waterproof liner. Like gel memory foam mattresses for people, Sealy’s Cool Energy Gel regulates your dog’s temperature by drawing heat away from his body. The memory foam top layer conforms to your dog’s body for maximum comfort and improved circulation. Orthopedic foam distributes weight evenly to relieve pressure points and make the bed last longer. And the charcoal foam base eliminates odors that make it in through the waterproof liner.

When your dog sleeps better, you sleep better.

Your dog’s first choice would probably be to sleep with you, but there are lots of reasons not to make that the norm. When you get your dog an awesome orthopedic pet bed from Sealy, you can rest guilt-free even after you kick your buddy out of bed. However, if you find yourself stealing HIS bed because it’s more comfortable than your own, it’s time to come visit us at A Goodnight Sleepstore and check out some people beds. Our sleep experts are here to help whether you’re shopping for man or beast (or both).

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