About the Brand

If you’re at all interested in improving your sleep, you probably know a little bit (or a lot) about Tempur-Pedic. This relatively new company has made a big splash since the first Tempur-Pedic bed was created in 1991. Though it all began with a Swedish foam maker, Tempur-Pedic is an international company with their Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition to being a US Company, Tempur-Pedic also has a heart. Since 2009, they’ve been providing some of the world’s most comfortable mattresses to Ronald McDonald Houses!

How Tempur-Pedic is Different

Tempur-Pedic started by taking risks and challenging the norm, and they’ve succeeded in a big way. Their unique bed designs were completely different from anything else available at the time. When other companies were simply mimicking each other’s mattress models, Tempur-Pedic was reinventing the experience of sleep.

Better Design for Better Sleep

• The bed adjusts to your body in every position to deliver the comfort you need to stay asleep and the support your body needs.
• These mattresses reduce pressure, movement during the night, and pain upon waking.
• They provide better alignment for your spine and the rest of your body so you can relax more fully.
• The material works wonders for couples, supporting each person individually and absorbing motion when someone moves or gets up.
• There’s a Tempur-Pedic for everyone! Not only do the mattresses adjust to your body — the company makes a model for all kinds of unique preferences.

Get Your Best Sleep at A Goodnight Sleepstore

Tempur-Pedic isn’t afraid to promise you your best night’s sleep. A Goodnight Sleepstore carries several Tempur-Pedic models in multiple mattress lines, so it’s the perfect place to try it for yourself. Before you commit to a new mattress, lay down on a Tempur-Pedic. Consider it a gift to yourself. It’s something you can dream about. And if you already have a great mattress, you can always try a Tempur-Pedic pillow!

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