I bet you know where there’s a mattress store. I bet you walk past one all the time. It might not have ever even registered in your mind. Or maybe you were feeling tired or frustrated, and one of those big white rectangles caught your eye because you wanted nothing more in life than to lay down at that very moment, even if it was in public.

Unfortunately, most of the time when people finally walk through the doors of one of our discount mattress stores, they’re not in the ideal mindset to choose the right mattress. For many customers, it’s move-in day. Once in a while, we’ll see a newlywed couple just returning from their Honeymoon. Occasionally, it’s after divorce proceedings.

Sometimes, the reasons are the right ones.

The right time to think about visiting a mattress store is when you begin to suspect your old bed is making you uncomfortable. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the pain, discomfort, or fatigue you’re feeling might have something to do with the place where you spend 1/3 of your time. Once you’ve decided to replace your mattress, it can be one of those things that you just want to be over. Just because we’re nerdy about mattresses doesn’t mean we’re not realistic about them. It’s kind of like needing to buy a new car when your old one isn’t running reliably.

Ready to work?

When you come into the mattress store in the wrong state of mind, it’s extra work. For us, that’s okay. We’re here to serve you, and a longer conversation is fine for us. The problem comes when it’s extra work for you. If you’re tense, stressed, or buzzing with energy, it can be hard to slow down and get into the frame of mind that will lead you to the right decision. Our sleep experts will help you get there, but the closer you are to equilibrium when you come in, the better they’ll be able to serve you.

No one really comes prepared.

Everyone comes in ready to make a decision. They’re ready to decide whether to leave or actually shop. You shouldn’t feel defensive when you’re trying to solve this puzzle. The best thing you can do before you ever set foot in a mattress store is to get clear about what you need. Write down the things that you know are important to you, and also make note of any questions you want answered. That way, you’ll be able to keep your cool and tell the salesperson if they’re going in the wrong direction. You might even have fun!

Here’s what you’ll need to do to have a good experience.

  • Relax
  • Know what you do and don’t want
  • Think Clearly
  • Ask Questions
  • Be Realistic
  • Be Open to Possibilities
  • Be patient and calm

Only you can decide what makes these things possible for you and your co-sleeper. Over the years, though, we’ve seen people try at a lot of different ways to maximize their mattress experiences. Here are some times in life that might seem like a great time to take a guided tour in the prone position. But given the objectives we’ve just listed, you can see how that logic might not lead to the best results.

Might seem good. Actually bad.

  • The day after you run a marathon
  • Moving day (especially to a new city)
  • Right before, during, or after a breakup
  • The day you get engaged
  • April 16th
  • When you get out of the hospital – especially after giving birth
  • While your in-laws are visiting
  • The day you hand in your dissertation
  • During an argument
  • When you’re hangry
  • The day you get fired
  • After a massage

Equilibrium. That’s what we’re going for.

If you’re in too good a mood, you’ll doubt your decision later and could fail to notice subtle differences between mattresses. If you’re in a bad mood, you’ll be too guarded to communicate well with the people who are trying to help you. Get to your happy place, meditate, or go to Church. Then come see us when you’ve blocked off some time for making a great decision for your life.

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here to help.

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