New year, New Mattress Market

With the rapid pace of change in the bedding industry these days, it sure can seem like nothing stays the same from one year to the next. While some mattress marketers find this constant evolution motivating and exhilarating, others feel weighed down by the pressure to stay one step ahead. At A Goodnight Sleepstore, we’re just excited by how change can make life better for consumers – improving sleep and reducing prices. Here are our predictions for the very turbulent mattress world of 2018.

Better Beds in Boxes

The bed-in-a-box fad has exploded into a full-grown market segment. Now watch for the niche to mature. As retailers move to make their offerings more personalized, you can expect to see more boxed-bed options on showroom floors. More enhanced features, even in online-only models, will make a memory of the one-size-fits-all format that propelled this trend into the cultural consciousness. So, traditional retailers will move closer to this new market space, and bed-in-a-box companies will take a few steps in the direction of brick-and-mortar mattress stores.

Rising Prices

The Mattress Industry Price Index keeps track of how prices have been changing within the industry from month to month. Over the last three years, prices have been climbing steadily. Even more telling is the five-year forecast for the mattress market. Revenues are expected to skyrocket over the next half-decade, with a big jump in 2018. What does that mean for you? If you’ve been putting off a mattress purchase, it’s time to take action. When you do start shopping, be ready to do so vigilantly. Ask informed questions, find some models you love, and spend time comparing prices. There are great deals to be had; you just need to find them.

More Natural Options

Organic mattresses have truly become mainstream, and consumers are now demanding natural options in more diverse areas of sleep. We’re expecting a renewed focus on sustainable production and business practices as more millennials enter the market for new mattresses. From Himalayan Salt Lamps to Lavender Plants, natural methods for improving sleep are already all the rage this year.

In-Store Savings

It sure can be tempting to hit “Buy” without ever stepping foot in a mattress store, and plenty of consumers are taking the bait. It does, however, pay to evaluate potential purchases in person – even if you wind up buying a mattress online. Thanks to skyrocketing online sales, those benefits could be magnified by in-store specials designed to bring customers through the doors of brick-and-mortar stores. With increased competition entering the market all the time, we expect discounts to get deeper while the customer experience gets even better.

Continuous Change

The only thing that stays the same is change, and we’re here for it. In today’s mattress market, consumers have greater access to information, and there’s better information to be found. If you play your cards right, you can leverage industry conditions in 2018 to find an exceptional mattress at a phenomenal price. Anytime you need help navigating the ever-more-complex world of mattresses, be sure to call on the sleep experts at A Goodnight Sleepstore. We understand all the options and are committed to finding your best night’s sleep – guaranteed. And don’t forget that, at A Goodnight Sleepstore, you’ll get the best prices anywhere, both in our stores and online.

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