The Easy Way to Get Rid of Dog Smells

Your dog cannot be counted on to dry off his paws before jumping on your bed, much less his own. If you’re like most dog owners, the upshot of repeatedly replacing your dog’s bed is that you can throw out a cheap, disposable dog bed without a second thought when man’s best friend becomes your home’s best mess-maker. But there’s a high cost to trashing your dog’s bed every couple months, and it comes in the form of waste, manufacturing, and transportation.

There’s a better way than sending all those beds to the landfill. These homemade cleaning options will eliminate stains and odors naturally, help you stretch out the lifetime of your dog’s next bed, and minimize the impact your dog’s sleep space has on our shared natural habitat.

Where do dog beds go?

Disposable beds might have a benefit for a certain segment of the economy, but they create an incredible amount of waste. Well-constructed dog beds made to last don’t just save you money – they keep all those thrown-away beds out of the landfill, and prevent the manufacturing and shipping it would take to get each of them to your house. We find that the dog owners who invest in beds made to last and support their pets’ physiology are often also interested in the waste-preventing potential related to their dog ownership.

Since keeping up your well-built dog bed is a more sustainable approach than disposal and replacement, we’d like to help you maximize your earth-friendliness with the best natural pet-bed-cleaning options out there. By making these cleaners at home, you can keep your dog’s bed out of the trash, avoid using unnecessary chemicals, reuse a bottle, and save money, all in one shot! What could be better than that?

Natural Cleaning is Essential!

Did you know that some essential oils have natural antibacterial properties? More advanced essential oil alchemists can mix specific naturally derived oils to combine antibacterial power with odor-eliminating, non-chemical fragrances. These kinds of recipes achieve the same cleaning impact as conventional, chemical-based household cleaners, but they’re totally safe and non-toxic – which is perfect for your precious pet’s personal property.

An Array of Natural Cleaning Options

  • The Creek Line House seems to be the authority of record when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing pet beds naturally. The Dyson vacuum cleaner used by Courtenay can’t hurt the effect of baking soda and peppermint oil, but we’re willing to bet you’ll get results regardless of your vacuum brand.
  • What better way to prevent smelly bedding than to eliminate odors before bedtime? This coconut oil pet spritz can be infused with a variety of essential oils to ensure a non-wet-dog fragrance the whole family can appreciate.
  • You won’t need any essential oils at all to blend the trifecta of homemade pet cleaners shared by Everyday Roots. A mix of vinegar and baking soda attacks both odors and stains, while baking soda and peroxide break down the crystals in pet urine. For the ultimate in DIY stain removal, you can even cultivate your own enzyme cleaner to digest the elements in your pet’s messes!

A Dog Bed of One’s Own

Now that you know what’s possible, it’s time to get rid of your pup’s last unsupportive, wasteful, pillow-inspired bed. Replace it with a dog bed designed to deliver cozy comfort, healthy support, and all the grossness-preventing features you should expect from a dog bed made in 2016. It might not be quite as funny, but your dog will get more benefit out of a bed designed just for dogs than one of those super-expensive American Girl doll beds! (And if your dog’s bed does get ruined by a particularly messy romp, no one will cry.) Did we mention that Sealy’s dog beds come with a 6-year limited warranty?

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